Simpl aims to onboard over 3,000 merchants in 2-3 years to empower the D2C ecosystem in Karnataka

Simpl aims to onboard over 3,000 merchants in 2-3 years to empower the D2C ecosystem in Karnataka

Simpl aims to onboard

Bengaluru, 14th October 2023 Simpl, India’s foremost Checkout Network, today announced its plan to on-board over 3,000 merchants, including Direct-to-Customer (D2C), from Karnataka on its full-stack Checkout Network within the next 2-3 years. This assumes significance as Bengaluru has one of the fastest growing startup bases including D2C merchants in the country and Simpl aims to support them through its state-of-the-art checkout network which includes its industry-first 1-Tap Checkout solution to fast-track their growth.

Commenting on the development, Nitya Sharma, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Simpl, said, “Drawing from our deep understanding of the ever-changing D2C industry, our primary goal is to address complex challenges while providing 1 stop solution to merchants across the nation. Through our AI-led Checkout Network, our aim is to improve conversions, reduce cash-on-delivery transactions, minimise product returns for our merchant partners, and offer millions of customers enhanced trust and convenience. Karnataka, being our home state, has one of the fastest growing D2C bases in the country and we are committed to strengthening the dynamic merchant community in the state through our technological solutions. As we embark on this ambitious expedition, our aim is to empower 3,000 D2C merchants in the next 203 years in Karnataka. This initiative not only elevates the experience for our valued customers but also catalyses growth in the thriving local economy.”

This announcement was shared during Simpl’s D2C Unlocked Chapter 16 in Bengaluru, a community-driven gathering aimed at founders. This event served as a unique platform where numerous D2C merchants from the city came together for knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts to enhance brand building and scaling. Esteemed founders based in the city, such as Rasika P, Co-founder and CMO of TATA SOULFULL, Supriya Donthi, Founder of LEAFY AFFAIR, Manak Kapoor, Director, li-Ning Studio,and Chetan Siyal, Co-founder and CMO of SNITCH, actively engaged in these meaningful discussions, adding their valuable insights to the mix..

This is part of Simpl’s larger vision to accelerate merchant onboarding from across the country to emerge as a true enabler of D2C merchants in the country. Previously, Simpl announced the onboarding of thousands of merchants across the states such as Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana to be executed over the next few years.

Currently, over 26,000 merchants including enterprise merchants such as Zomato, Zepto, and Zoomcar and D2C merchants such as Snitch, Birkenstock and Bolt Audio use Simpl’s Checkout options to offer a seamless e-commerce experience to millions of customers across the country. This growing set of merchants using Simpl’s Checkout Network are able to increase customer conversion, improve retention and reduce costs associated with Cash-on-Delivery. This enables merchants to build trust with customers and offer a uniform and simplified user experience to millions of customers.

The D2C sector in India has experienced remarkable growth, with consumers increasingly turning to online shopping platforms and the influence of social media. According to a report by Mordo Intelligence, the D2C industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 34.5 percent between 2022 and 2027. Simple aims to spearhead this transformation and emerge as a leading enabler of change, empowering D2C merchants in Bengaluru and driving their success.