Skoodle Unveils BRAVEN: A New Frontier in Kids’ Sports and Outdoor Fun

Skoodle Unveils BRAVEN: A New Frontier in Kids’ Sports and Outdoor Fun

Skoodle Unveils BRAVEN: A New Frontier in Kids' Sports and Outdoor FunIndia, 23 January, 2024:  Skoodle, a leading name in delivering high-quality and innovative games, toys, and school supplies, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest venture, BRAVEN. This marks a significant expansion for Skoodle into the sports segment, demonstrating a commitment to providing a comprehensive range of products that cater to the diverse needs of children from preschool to their teenage years.

What distinguishes BRAVEN from other offerings in the market are its innovative features and designs specifically tailored for Indian sports preferences and weather conditions. With a focus on honest pricing and a robust distribution network, BRAVEN stands out as a brand committed to delivering quality products. Additionally, BRAVEN’s product line-up is designed to promote both mental and physical agility among children. Recognizing the need for tools to strengthen physical strength outside of school, BRAVEN offers classic, timeless sports and open-ended activities that contribute to the holistic development of young minds and bodies. The tools provided by BRAVEN are not only meant to boost self-esteem but also to teach teamwork and problem-solving skills. The brand envisions creating athletic and agile global citizens by fostering healthy and competitive play while nurturing social skills.

Skoodle’s decision to venture into the sports domain with BRAVEN is driven by the brand’s unwavering dedication to enriching families with a smarter way to play and learn. Recognizing the need for a holistic approach to children’s edutainment needs, the company views BRAVEN as a logical progression to complement its successful Toys & Stationery portfolio. BRAVEN also aligns seamlessly with Skoodle’s mission of sparking curiosity, inspiring creativity, and, most importantly, ensuring fun in every aspect of a child’s life. 

The new brand extends Skoodle’s heritage, known for brands like Quest, Green Orange, Dough Star, Sand Star, Clay Star, and Slime Attack, by offering an extensive product line-up that encourages agility of mind and body, promotes healthy and competitive gameplay, fosters social skills, and celebrates team play. BRAVEN aims to fill a crucial gap in the sports industry by providing an extensive product line-up with international quality at Indian price points. Breaking away from the conventional models of either low-quality wholesale products or high-priced online exclusivity, BRAVEN intends to become a universally distributed brand across Toys and Sports outlets, offering honest prices to cater to a wide audience.

Vick Rana, Chairman and Founder, Skoodle and BRAVEN, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “BRAVEN is not just a new brand; it’s a testament to Skoodle’s commitment to providing children with tools that enrich their physical and mental development. We believe in offering international quality at Indian price points, making BRAVEN a universal choice for families seeking affordable excellence.”

Skoodle looks forward to the continued support of its customers as it ventures into this new chapter with BRAVEN, enriching the lives of children through sports, play, and learning.