SMA Brings Flexible design for commercial rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems to the Indian Market

SMA Brings Flexible design for commercial rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems to the Indian Market


Mumbai13th September 2023 SMA India unveils the Sunny Tripower Core2 110KW to the Indian market as an advanced solution for medium to large-sized commercial PV systems. Being available in global markets, introducing the string inverter with AFCI in India has been much-awaited. Equipped with market-leading technologies, SMA Sunny Tripower Core2 offers its users the ability to take into account different module orientations so that system operators will always achieve the highest energy yields during the course of the day.Itwill transform deployment in every sector, whether in agriculture, corporate parks, or manufacturing facilities.

“With Sunny Tripower Core2, we are set to meet the unaddressed expectations of our business customers who need a flexible solution that can be used in various commercial projects,” said Abhijeet More, Head of Sales,Commercial & Industrial-India. “The Sunny Tripower Core2 offers unmatched flexibility and maximum integration options. The modern string inverter for commercial applications has quickly emerged as a highly preferred solution in international markets, and it is a matter of great delight to introduce it to the Indian market. We have started receiving pre-bookings, and the product will be available for our Indian customers from December 2023.”

The Sunny Tripower Core2 has the highest flexibility and integrated features for maximum yields. It offers unmatched flexibility for commercial and large commercial solutions, including rooftop or ground installations. It is a core part of SMA Commercial Energy Solution and ennexOS, demonstrating future readiness for future business. It will be available as an out-of-the-box solution with integrated PV performance optimization, ensuring efficient installation and customer service.

The Sunny Tripower CORE2 centerpiece of a new comprehensive energy system offers best-in-class 12 MPP trackers for maximum design flexibility and up to 150% over-dimensioning of the PV array. It can be fully integrated with ennexOS, offering easy plant commissioning via DATA MANAGER M and monitoring with SUNNY PORTAL.

Featuring 12 MPP trackers, the Sunny Tripower Core 2 is integrated with SMA ShadeFix, a patented, integrated software solution to optimize energy yield in PV plants. SMA ShadeFix has consistently outperformed most conventional hardware solutions for shade management in the PV systems arena.

It is an easy-to-deploy solution that does not require any DC combiner and offers best-in-class 110 kW with standard 400 VAC. It has multiple handling grips and offers high environmental resistance. Plant commissioning is a breeze with the integrated Data Manager M.

“The Sunny Tripower Core2 is the latest of a series of new commercial solutions planned for the Indian market. Our long-term vision is to empower local businesses to become carbon neutral,” Karan Singh, Director Sales-India, South East Asia and South Korea, said. “It is only the beginning for the SMA Commercial Energy Solutionas we look to identify new opportunities for maximizing returns from solar power – today and in the future.”