Sony India Introduce the Next Level of Home Cinema Entertainment with BRAVIA Theatre Quad

Sony India Introduce the Next Level of Home Cinema Entertainment with BRAVIA Theatre Quad

9th July 2024 New Delhi, Delhi, India  Sony India today launched the future of home entertainment with the launch of the BRAVIA Theatre Quad, a groundbreaking audio system that redefines the cinematic experience. Designed to transport viewers into the heart of their favorite movies and TV shows, the BRAVIA Theatre Quad combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design to deliver unparalleled sound quality and immersion. With features such as 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, Sound Field Optimization, and compatibility with IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos, the BRAVIA Theatre Quad promises to revolutionize the way audiences experience audio in their own homes.

The BRAVIA Theatre Quad introduces 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, revolutionizing home audio. This cutting-edge technology creates a three-dimensional audio environment, enveloping listeners from all directions. It replicates the immersive soundscapes of professional cinemas, bringing the magic of the big screen directly into your living room. Say goodbye to flat audio and experience movies and TV shows like never before with BRAVIA Theatre Quad.

Sony’s new BRAVIA Theatre Quad has a premium design that seamlessly blends with your living room, enriching the cinematic experience at home. With features like 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and Acoustic Center Sync, they deliver immersive audio that mirrors the ambiance of a movie theatre. Utilizing recycled materials for eco-conscious design, these products not only enhance sound quality but also integrate accessibility features, ensuring inclusivity for all users.

Sound Field Optimization in the BRAVIA Theatre Quad ensures optimal audio performance tailored to your room’s layout. By automatically measuring the relative height and position of each speaker, room acoustic, and listener position then based on this information it will create multiple phantom speakers analyzing the acoustic characteristics of the space and listener position this feature adjusts the audio settings to deliver the best sound experience, regardless of room size or shape. Immerse yourself in cinematic audio without worrying about acoustics with the BRAVIA Theatre Quad’s Sound Field Optimization.

Voice Zoom3 intelligently enhances dialogue clarity in the BRAVIA Theatre Quad, ensuring crystal-clear speech even amidst action-packed scenes or noisy environments. By recognizing and amplifying human speech, Voice Zoom3 makes every word crisp and clear, enhancing the overall viewing experience and allowing audiences to fully immerse themselves in the narrative of their favourite movies and TV(i) shows.

The BRAVIA Theatre Quad delivers an unparalleled home cinema experience with compatibility with IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos technologies. This ensures premium audio quality that meets the rigorous standards set by IMAX and Dolby, allowing users to enjoy immersive soundscapes and lifelike audio reproduction. Get ready to be transported into the heart of your favorite movies with breathtaking sound quality like never before.

The all-new BRAVIA Connect App revolutionizes home entertainment control. Seamlessly manage BRAVIA Theatre Quad’s settings from your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy intuitive navigation and personalized audio adjustments with ease. With the BRAVIA Connect App, immerse yourself in a tailored audio experience that brings the cinema to your living room at the touch of a button. The BRAVIA Theatre Quad seamlessly integrates with popular streaming platforms and voice assistants, including Alexa, Airplay2, and Spotify. With effortless compatibility, users can easily access their favorite music and control their audio experience with voice commands or through their preferred streaming service. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free control and access to a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

The BRAVIA Theatre Quad offers an optional wireless subwoofer(ii) to enhance your audio experience with deep, powerful bass. Seamlessly integrated into the system, the subwoofer provides an immersive soundstage that complements the cinematic experience, ensuring every scene comes to life with rich, resonant audio. Upgrade your home theatre setup with two optional subwoofers for richer bass add an SA-SW5 wireless subwoofer with 300W deep bass from a 180mm driver with a passive radiator. Or opt for the SA-SW3 wireless subwoofer with 200W of sound from a compact bass reflex subwoofer with 160mm driver.


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(i) New BRAVIA models, as well as other compatible older Sony TV models. More information:

(ii) BRAVIA Theatre Quad cannot connect to a rear speaker. More information:



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