Spirituality, Innovation and Governance lead India’s roadmap to success at Global Business Summit 2024

Spirituality, Innovation and Governance lead India’s roadmap to success at Global Business Summit 2024

New Delhi, India  February 12th, 2024: The second day of The Times Group presents ET Now Global Business Summit 2024 saw some thought-provoking and insightful conversations by some of the most important thought leaders and decision-makers in the Indian and global business scenario.

Yogi, Mystic and Visionary Sadhguru set the tone for the day’s conversation through his discourse on ‘Wealth &well-being’ where hehighlighted the importance of holistic growth not just of self but also of the planet that we live on. He said, “Well-being encompasses anything that contributes to your sense of wellness and can arise from various experiences. While you may accumulate possessions and achievements, they are external to your true self. Once you begin to identify with what you gather, you inevitably attach value to it. It is crucial to grasp that achieving well-being requires adherence to proper procedures. There exists a scientific and systematic methodology for this endeavor. Without following this approach, well-being remains merely an elusive dream.”

This was followed by an invigorating conversation with Amit Shah, Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Government of India who gave the audience a glimpse of the government’s plans for the future of India. During his conversation, he said, “BJP has its ideology and agenda in the right place. People join and people leave, and it is natural. I believe in family planning, but in politics, it is always about the more the merrier.  We consistently strive to reform systems that are both feasible and optimally tailored for the evolving landscape of New India. Our government’s clear policy is to have a robust dialogue with each stakeholder to resolve and address any kind of issue that is prevailing in the country. Our agenda for New India will be. Zero tolerance against corruption, end terrorism for the safety of the country.”

Ashwini VaishnawMinister of Railways, Communications, and Electronics & Information Technology shared the transformative plans and upgrades in the railway infrastructure. His account of the speed at which the infrastructure is developing within the country had the audience captivated with a round of applause that lasted for minutes together. He said, “Significant strides have been made to modernize and upgrade the nation’s railway infrastructure, reflecting Prime Minister Modi’s forward-thinking vision spanning the next five decades. Under his leadership, there’s been a remarkable transformation in bureaucratic processes, exemplified by the remarkable progress within the railway sector. Efforts are underway to further enhance and refine the Vande Bharat trains, intending to eventually export these cutting-edge trains to other nations, showcasing India’s prowess in railway technology.”

Highlighting the numerous investment opportunities that India presented, Lord Gerry Grimstone, Chairman, Gemcorp Capital Management & former U.K. Minister for Investment, said, ” In the last three years, India has provided investment opportunities like never before. The past 20 years, saw a twofold surge in foreign investment. The ease of doing business, tax reforms, economic changes, and a ‘welcoming attitude’ has made India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for foreign investment.”

He also spoke about the progress that the country has made in the 5G rollout. “The rapid rollout of 5G, achieved in just 16 months with domestically produced equipment, is a testament to India’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Moving forward, our technology will rival global standards, positioning India as a competitive player in the most advanced sectors” he added.

Conversations around diverse topics such as artificial intelligence, financial literacy, investments in emerging startups, and female inclusion dominated the second day of the summit. Emerging technologies and their contribution to every walk of life right from education, healthcare, and businesses at large were discussed. One of the most important points that was highlighted was that businesses need to understand the changes that have been brought about in new India to realize its full potential.  The panelists emphasized that the biggest issue that the world is facing is that of climate change and the need for businesses to address this and make it a part of their overall strategy. It was agreed that a seamless collaboration between emerging technologies and human intelligence was the only way towards a better tomorrow.