Sport Star Academy, Australia’s leading grassroots academy joins forces with Franchise India for business expansion in India Inbox

Sport Star Academy, Australia’s leading grassroots academy joins forces with Franchise India for business expansion in India Inbox

 08th May 2024: Sports Star Academy, one of the leading sports academies in Australia run by professional coaches is excited to announce its entry into the Indian market through a strategic collaboration with Franchise India, Asia’s largest integrated Franchise and Retail Solution Company since 1999, with absolute authority on Franchising, Retailing and Licensing.

This exciting alliance marks a significant milestone in the company’s global expansion strategy and also aims to revolutionize the sports academy franchise landscape in India.

The Academy has delivered across 330 school avenues and 100 franchises across Australia. The key objective for its expansion in India is to provide young players with access to high-quality training and development opportunities by focusing on mental well-being.

With exceptional achievements in Australia, Sport Star Academy has rapidly emerged as a quality children’s sports programs academy for creating a movement of change for tomorrow’s grassroots leaders. Starting over from only one sport, Football Star Academy in 2010 to 12 sports in 2024, the journey has been commendable for the company.

Commenting on the business expansion, Mr Peter Nikolakopoulos, Founder and CFE, Sport Star Academy stated “As we expand Sport Star Academy into the vibrant and diverse market of India, we are not just bringing coaching expertise, we are igniting a passion for sports and fostering a culture of excellence within local communities. Our goal is to empower young players with the skills, confidence, and values they need to succeed, both on and off the field. Through Sport Star Academy in India, we aim to make a lasting impact, shaping future leaders and champions who will inspire generations to come”

Mr Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Group also expressed the excitement of collaboration, saying “The sports business in India is rapidly expanding and represents the next great opportunity. Training is the first and most important phase in professional sports, and it should begin from an initial stage. If we want to develop Olympic athletes in the next 20 years, we must train them to begin playing at the age of 4-5 years. This alliance will result in a significant revolution in the sports business.”

The two companies are collectively set to drive growth in the sports industry with three key objectives: skill-based development, mental wellbeing, and community building. By encouraging children and adolescents to engage in regular physical activity through organized sports programs, Sport Star Academy can contribute to reducing sedentary lifestyles and combating issues like childhood obesity.

Through its programs, Sport Star Academy aims to help young athletes in India build strong mental foundations, equipping them to navigate life’s challenges both on and off the field. By establishing sports programs in Indian communities, Sport Star Academy can contribute to community cohesion and foster a sense of belonging among participants which can lead to stronger social ties, increased civic engagement and a more inclusive society.