Standing steadfast with India’s commitment to Climate change Fund – Edelweiss Alternatives launches its First Climate Fund

Standing steadfast with India’s commitment to Climate change Fund – Edelweiss Alternatives launches its First Climate Fund

12th September 2023- In a pioneering move towards combating climate change and fostering sustainable development, Edelweiss Alternatives is launching its First Climate Fund. This fund is committed to supporting India’s noteworthy ambition to a carbon-neutral economy and providing a fillip for efforts to decisively nudge the adverse impacts of climate change on Earth.

In accordance with G-20’s commitment to mobilize financial resources in climate-related projects, Edelweiss Alternatives’ Climate Fund will diligently invest in a wide array of climate-related projects – ranging from climate mitigation to climate adaptation like renewable energy, transmission infrastructure, EV infrastructure, Green Infrastructure, water treatment, transport decarbonization, industrial decarbonization, and any such other related verticals.

The fund would offer the investors a long-term viable investment vehicle to participate in the world’s largest market for sustainable energy transition and generate far more worthwhile and steady returns.

A gamut of steps from member countries of G-20, and climate-specific policy initiatives heralded by the government of India, has garnered widespread support from various international organizations and the investor community. This reflects a forward-looking approach that positions India as a leader in the global fight against climate change.
As a commitment to integrate ESG considerations and promote sustainable and responsible investing practices in the investment decision-making process, Edelweiss Alternatives is also now a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Venkat Ramaswamy, Chairman, Edelweiss Alternatives said, “Sustainable growth and inclusive energy transition is central to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for India. This fund will endeavor to support India’s vision towards building a net-zero economy. The launch of Edelweiss Alternatives’ Climate Fund reflects our determination towards building a sustainable future for our citizens, and the rest of the world. This is an investment for our shared planet, and will reinvigorate India’s growth story”.

Subahoo Chordia, President and Head Real Assets, Edelweiss Alternatives said “As per estimates, about USD 10tn of investment is required to achieve India’s 2070 net zero target. Our Climate Fund will look to invest in this growing and attractive investment opportunity, while also contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals like climate action (SDG 13), clean energy (SDG 7), clean water (SDG7) and sustainable cities (SDG 11). Further, transport and buildings provide attractive decarbonising opportunities which also play a critical role in creating a sustainable and low-carbon future”.

Edelweiss Alternatives is an existing investor in renewable power and transmission sectors and with further investments from its funds it looks to achieve the generation of 450+ billion units of renewable energy, 450+ million tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction, saving or re-use of 5000+ million liters of water, creating over 7 million job years. Edelweiss Alternatives has implemented international processes and uses appropriate technology to achieve the purpose.