StarAgri Hosts Global & Domestic Agri-Business Outlook Seminar for Traders and Processors in Chennai

StarAgri Hosts Global & Domestic Agri-Business Outlook Seminar for Traders and Processors in Chennai

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Chennai, 19th October 2023 – StarAgriwarehousing & Collateral Management Limited, India’s leading agritech integrated solutions company, successfully hosted the “Global & Domestic Agri-Business Outlook Seminar” in Chennai. The event convened industry professionals, particularly processors and traders in South India’s agricultural heartland, providing valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of global and domestic agribusiness.

The seminar featured a distinguished panel discussion with industry luminaries, including Mr. A. Ilavarasu, CMD, S.A Anandan Spinning Mills; Mr. Krishna Murthy B, MD, Four P International Pvt Ltd; Mr. Padmasingh Isaac, MD, Aachi Group of Companies; Mr. R. Raghuram, COO, Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd; Mr. Thyagarajan Karthikeyan, MD, Value Ingredients Pvt. Ltd; Mr. J. Karthikeyan, Director, Vellore Roller Flour Mills (P) Ltd. and Mr. K Mahalingam, VP – Commercial, Sakthi Sugars ltd. Soya Division. The discussion was moderated by Mr. G Chandrashekar, Independent Director at StarAgri, a renowned expert in the Indian agricultural sector.

The agricultural industry plays a pivotal role in India’s economy, and the “Global & Domestic Agri-Business Outlook Seminar” was designed to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the commodities market. The event delivered a comprehensive overview of the agribusiness sector, offering attendees key insights to navigate the industry’s domestic and international complexities.

Mr. G Chandrashekar, Independent Director at StarAgri,said, “With the current fragile geo-political situation, global trade, especially in the agri-commodity space, needs to be handled with more real-time information to avoid undue volatility and risks. The ‘Global & Domestic Agri-Business Outlook Seminar’ offers a valuable platform for stakeholders to gain insights, share knowledge, and chart a course for the future of Indian agribusiness.”

The seminar provided attendees with a holistic understanding of the agribusiness industry, enabling them to adopt more innovative and sustainable practices in Indian agriculture by fostering discussions among industry experts.

Key topics discussed at the seminar included:

1. Global Agribusiness Trends: Insights into the ever-changing global agri landscape and its impact on Indian markets in terms of exports and imports.
2. Domestic Commodity Market Analysis: An in-depth analysis of India’s domestic commodities market, addressing challenges and opportunities.
3. Sustainable Practices: A focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches in agribusiness, especially emphasizing traceability.
4. Digital Transformation: The role of technology and digitization in shaping the future of agribusiness, including the impact on small farmers with the penetration of smartphones and fast internet access.

The seminar was insightful with the panel discussion featuring esteemed industry experts, who shared their experiences, discussed market trends, and explored innovative solutions to address the agribusiness sector’s challenges.

StarAgri, through such knowledge-sharing seminars, encourages all stakeholders in the agribusiness sector, from seasoned professionals to newcomers, to attend these events and gain valuable insights to succeed in the ever-evolving agribusiness landscape.