State Grid Qingzhou Power Boosts Livable Rural Development

State Grid Qingzhou Power Boosts Livable Rural Development

QINGZHOU, China, July 8, 2024 — Recently, in Qingzhou, Weifang, Shandong, Lvsenglan Industry Flower Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which has adopted tiered electricity pricing for agricultural production, projects that its electricity costs will decrease by approximately 10% this year. This reflects the proactive efforts by the State Grid Qingzhou Power Supply Company to foster environments that are livable, conducive to business, and aesthetically pleasing.

The enhancement of policies has led to dual reductions in “electricity usage + connection” costs. The province pioneered the implementation of the tiered electricity pricing policy for agricultural production, promoting the policy through customer service centers and in-home visits, enabling agricultural clients to benefit from the policy and reduce electricity costs. Focusing on the energy needs of Qingzhou’s flower cultivation, the “three zeroes” service investment policy for small and micro enterprises was executed. This policy facilitates “one-time investment” for regional “zero-cost” clients, accumulating a total savings of 1.8016 million yuan in electric power investments for small and micro businesses.

Technological empowerment has enhanced both “safety + income” levels. Adapting to the rapid development trend of distributed photovoltaics, the integration of 5G technology has facilitated the construction of a “multi-in-one terminal + secure private network,” achieving comprehensive perception and flexible control over all scenarios of distributed photovoltaics. This has enhanced the carrying capacity and stability of the power grid, significantly boosted the benefits of customers’ photovoltaic power generation, and created a win-win situation for both “grid security and customer benefits.”

Service transformation has achieved the dual integration of “grid + village” management. Cooperation agreements for “joint village-grid construction” have been signed with 12 townships and villages, with electricity convenience service points covering all townships and power supply stations. The innovative application of “one code access” for electric services allows customers to handle transactions and report electrical hazards seamlessly. To date, over 186 electricity-related transactions have been handled by scanning QR codes, and more than 36 electrical safety hazards have been resolved, enhancing customer service satisfaction rates to 99.5%.



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