Strengthening Ties: India and Brazil’s Satellite Associations Strategic Partnership

Strengthening Ties: India and Brazil’s Satellite Associations Strategic Partnership

SIA-India, a leading space sector Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ABRASAT, the Brazilian Satellite Communications Association, a prominent association that unites Brazilian private entities within the space and satellite industry. This significant partnership aims to advocate for the interests of both nations´ satellite industries, fostering collaboration and advancement in the space domain.

The MoU symbolizes the mutual commitment of both associations to advance their strategic partnership in the space sector, paving the way for innovative ventures and technological cooperation. It is expected to facilitate business expansion and cooperation between India and Brazil in various areas such as satellite communication, rocket and satellite launches, payload development, satellite platforms, and ground instrumentation.

“India and Brazil, as key allies, have a long history of working closely together in bilateral, multilateral, and plurilateral forums, including BRICS, IBSA, G4, G20, BASIC, the UN, WTO, UNESCO, and WIPO. The satellite and space companies of both countries are expected to deepen their cooperation in various emerging areas of satellite communication encompassing a wide array of technologies and services, including broadband connectivity, digital inclusion initiatives, broadcasting, navigation, remote sensing, telecommunications, military and defence applications, and emergency response systems. Hence this strategic partnership will help the two nation´s satellite industry to facilitate seamless regional and global connectivity, enabling reliable communication, data transmission, and information sharing across various sectors and geographic regions, from remote areas lacking terrestrial infrastructure to critical operations in defence and emergency scenarios.” said Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri, President SIA-India

“Brazil and India have a positive history of collaboration in the space sector, including the successful launch of the Amazonia 1 satellite, a Brazilian Earth observation satellite. Building upon this foundation, this MoU signifies a significant advancement in strengthening ties and unlocking new avenues for B2B collaboration and mutual benefit, focusing on much diverse areas and applications aiming to leverage each country´s satellite industry.” said Mauro Wajnberg, President ABRASAT

“India and Brazil, with a combined GDP exceeding US$8 trillion, stand as formidable players in the global economy, poised for further growth and collaboration. India’s progressive FDI policy in the space sector, allowing 100% FDI, heralds a new era of opportunity for both nations. This liberalization not only stimulates job creation but also fosters technological advancement, paving the way for self-reliance and integration into global value chains. It aligns with India’s ‘Make In India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives, signalling a bright future of innovation and economic empowerment.” said Anil Prakash, DG, SIA-India

“Both countries have a long track of successful developments on the space and satellite market as we can perceive from the digital inclusions policies implement by the Brazilian government, from TV universalization to internet access for public schools, as well as the constant work of ANATEL, Brazilian regulator entity, promoting the use of the technology and building a positive environment for the development of all kind of satellite services including the exploration of the Brazilian orbital slots.” said Fábio Alencar, head of international business development, ABRASAT

Furthermore, the growing space sectors of India and Brazil, characterized by an expected surge in private-driven launch activities and satellite deployments for communication and remote sensing, offer vast commercial prospects.

The MoU between SIA-India and ABRASAT will explore the new market dynamics, infrastructure development, technological advancements, entrepreneurship, funding sources, and private investments, providing a platform for industry players to network and capitalize on emerging prospects.