Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd Marks 50 Years of Excellence in Adhesive Manufacturing

Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd Marks 50 Years of Excellence in Adhesive Manufacturing

12th April 2024 Mumbai- Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd, a pioneer in the adhesive manufacturing industry, celebrates 50 years of innovation and excellence. Established in 1972 by Mr. Pradeep Agarwal and Mr. Dileep Agarwal, Super Bond has emerged as a global leader, shaping the adhesive landscape with its cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to quality.

Since its inception, Super Bond has been at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing adhesive solutions from handcrafted rubber adhesives for the foam and footwear industry to pioneering products like Yellow 4 (Sprayable Rubber Adhesives), P Lock Polyresin (Paper to Paper Bonding), and Water-based membrane adhesives. With its first manufacturing plant established in Badlapur in 1974, Super Bond embarked on a journey marked by continuous growth and technological advancement. Superbond Adhesives is at the forefront of innovation due to its well-equipped R&D team.

Mr. Dileep Agarwal

“Super Bond’s journey speaks clearly about our dedication to innovation,” says Mr. Dileep Agarwal, Co-founder of Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. “As we mark 50 years, we’re focused on bringing fresh changes to the industry. We aim to innovate continually, introducing new methods and products that make a real difference, making consumers’ lives easier with our adhesive solutions. Our goal is simple: to lead the way with adhesive solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly, ensuring a brighter future for all. We endeavor to reduce plastic usage through innovative adhesive solutions, promoting sustainable choices for a better tomorrow.”

Super Bond’s extensive product range caters to a wide spectrum of industries, including Furniture Wood Works, Mattresses, Footwear, Automobiles, Paper & Packaging, and Flooring/Carpet, among others. With three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants covering over 14 acres in Badlapur and Wada, and a team strength of over 400 professionals, Super Bond’s products reach more than 30 countries and over 15,000 outlets in India, reducing the dependency on imports and contributing to India’s self-reliance.

Beyond business excellence, Super Bond remains committed to corporate social responsibility, with initiatives focused on community development, healthcare, education, and environmental conservation. The brand’s efforts aim to uplift disadvantaged communities, improve access to healthcare services, promote education, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Mr. Pradeep Agarwal,

“At Super Bond, our mission extends, says Mr. Pradeep Agarwal, Co-founder of Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. “We’re dedicated to creating lasting change in individuals and communities. Through healthcare initiatives, we improve access to essential services like ambulances, etc. In education, we empower individuals for brighter futures. Our commitment to environmental conservation ensures a sustainable planet. These efforts aim to positively impact lives and help develop a better world.”

Super Bond Adhesives focuses on manufacturing adhesive solutions within India, contributing to local production and job creation. With plants in Badlapur and Wada, they produce over 1000 different adhesive products domestically while also exporting to 30+ countries. This dual focus strengthens the economy and supports global trade while fostering local employment opportunities.

As Super Bond marks five decades of excellence in adhesive manufacturing, it reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and value creation for all stakeholders. The brand looks forward to continuing its journey of growth and shaping the future of the adhesive industry with its pioneering solutions and unwavering integrity.