Take Online Yoga Pledge by June 21 – Certificate from Udaan Youth Club

Take Online Yoga Pledge by June 21 – Certificate from Udaan Youth Club

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Udaan Youth Club (UYC) is a self-organized group of rural youth that is using the transformative power of ICT tools to raise social awareness among communities, advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and Vision of India 2047. Indian Social Worker SR Aman Kumar is presently serving as President of UYC.

About International Yoga Day 2024
In celebration of the 10th International Yoga Day, UYC is organizing a series of events to encourage people from all backgrounds to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Online Pledge aims to engage people in sticking to an optimized Lifestyle and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

In a fast-paced world where stress and hectic schedules often take precedence, it’s essential to prioritize our well-being. Yoga, an ancient practice with roots in mindfulness and physical movement, offers a pathway to balance and harmony in our lives. At Udaan Youth Club (UYC), we believe in the transformative power of yoga, which is why we’re excited to introduce our Yoga Pledge initiative.

The Yoga Pledge is more than just a promise; it’s a commitment to prioritize health and happiness in our daily lives. By taking the pledge, individuals vow to integrate yoga into their routines, fostering mindfulness, strength, and flexibility. Each pledge is a step towards a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Taking the Yoga Pledge is a significant milestone in your wellness journey, and we want to celebrate your dedication. Each participant receives a personalized certificate acknowledging their commitment to a healthier lifestyle through yoga. This certificate serves as a reminder of your pledge and can be proudly displayed as a symbol of your dedication.

The beauty of the Yoga Pledge lies in its ability to inspire others. We encourage all participants to share their pledge with friends, family, and colleagues, spreading awareness of the benefits of yoga and encouraging others to join the movement. Together, we can create a community committed to well-being and positivity.

Benefits of Participation:

– Receive a certificate of commitment recognizing your pledge.
– Participate in the Yoga Champions photo collage.
– A cumulative report of total pledgers will be submitted to Ayush Yoga Portal

Open to all individuals interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle through yoga.



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