Tata Consumer Products Encourages Repurposing and Upcycling Packaging

Tata Consumer Products Encourages Repurposing and Upcycling Packaging

Tata Consumer Products

Mumbai, 02 July 2024: Tata Consumer Products recognizes that every small step towards sustainability contributes to a greater good, emphasizing the importance of individual action in protecting the environment. In line with one of the sustainability pillars—For Better Planet—which highlights its commitment to operate responsibly, leaving as minimal a footprint as possible on the environment, the Company has launched a social media campaign celebrating human ingenuity and creativity by urging its followers to repurpose and upcycle its product packaging.

Through this campaign, Tata Consumer Products encourages individuals to embrace environmental responsibility and transform waste into beautiful and functional resources, with an underlying message that our collective resolve has the potential to create a healthier planet for current and future generations. From repurposing product packets to upcycling bottles and cups, every effort towards sustainable living counts.

Conceptualized and ideated by Schbang, the campaign by Tata Consumer Products was executed to align with World Environment Day.

Participants submitted entries, showcasing a variety of innovative ways to repurpose product packaging. Examples ranged from using Tata Salt packets as plant pots to repurposing bottles as organizers for stationery on work desks.

Mr. Tarun N P Varma, Global Chief Human Resources & Sustainability Officer, at Tata Consumer Products, says, “At Tata Consumer Products, we believe that waste is not to be wasted, which drives our circularity strategy. We actively pursue various levers internally to drive innovation in packaging and waste management. Campaigns like this, help us engage with our consumers and communities to co-create newer ways of thinking and lasting solutions – fostering collective action for a more sustainable future.”

Mr. Harshil Karia, Founder, of Schbang says, “At Schbang, we are passionate about driving meaningful change through crafting and building on brand stories. The core insight we wanted to tap into is that people often repurpose product packaging as a part of their everyday lives, but it is not a very celebrated activity in comparison to the new trends in sustainable living. We believed that a brand, like Tata Consumer Products, which stands for “#ForBetter” promoting consumer-driven packaging reuse, would give more visibility to this creative practice, and inspire more people to adopt it in their daily lives.”

As Tata Consumer Products keeps working towards sustainability, it stays committed to reaching zero net emissions by 2040. With campaigns like this, the brand aims to inspire others to join the movement for a greener, more sustainable future.



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