Tata Motors and Mahesh Cargo Movers exemplifying excellence in every mile

Tata Motors and Mahesh Cargo Movers exemplifying excellence in every mile

Transporting medication is more than just moving packages. Pharmacies must deliver the right medication to the right place on time to avoid health impacts. In less developed areas, lack of access to medications can have serious consequences. Temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines and biologics must be handled carefully to maintain their effectiveness and safety for patients. Mahesh Cargo Movers (MCM) is one of the leading companies in Refrigerated Transportation in the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Under Mr. Girish Biyani’s leadership, Mahesh Cargo Movers was established 28 years ago as a logistics pioneer, excelling in temperature-controlled transportation and regulatory compliance. Their strategic approach has driven growth and operational excellence. With 250 commercial vehicles and advanced cold chain technology, MCM ensures a constant cargo flow, covering over 50,000 km daily throughout India. During the pandemic peak, MCM delivered medicines to remote regions like Nepal, Bhutan, and Kashmir, prioritising human health. Their dedication earned them an impeccable track record in pharmaceutical logistics.

Mahesh Cargo Movers distinctive features include mobile app-controlled digital locks for container security, annual water leak tests, GPS-equipped vehicles and precise temperature maintenance. Operating across diverse terrains, MCM relies on Tata Motors for reliability and technological advancements, with over 200 Tata commercial vehicles in their fleet. Tata Motors’ technologies have improved transportation efficiency and safety, with GPS tracking, driver assistance systems and fuel economy. It is recognized for its commitment to innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Mr. Rajesh Kaul, Vice President & Business Head – Trucks, Tata Motors, said “Our commitment extends far beyond customers. We take great pride in our role in Mahesh Cargo Movers’ success, showcasing our unwavering dedication to excellence. Through our partnership, we underline our commitment to quality and our integral contribution to MCM’s achievements. Prioritising all our users, especially our drivers, remains our topmost concern. Our unwavering goal is to deliver exceptional vehicles for high productivity and comfort. Building relationships beyond transactions fosters a valued community where everyone feels esteemed. Continuously listening, learning and innovating is crucial, not just to meet but to exceed customer expectations, a cornerstone of our growth. Our success is deeply rooted in our commitment to being a dependable partner.”