Tata Motors and NJMS Leading the Charge Against Leprosy

Tata Motors and NJMS Leading the Charge Against Leprosy

Tata Motors

21st February 2024– In the heart of India, amidst the bustling city of Jamshedpur, lies an organization that is quietly making a difference in the lives of countless individuals, the Nav Jagrat Manav Samaj (NJMS). NJMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and control of leprosy. With support from Tata Motors, NJMS has been working tirelessly to eradicate this debilitating disease and empower those affected by it. It has achieved significant milestones in reducing the incidence of leprosy in Jamshedpur and the surrounding areas. Involving over 500 local volunteers, including Tata Motors employees and other like-minded philanthropists, NJMS has had a significant impact on various aspects, such as health, education, employability and livelihood initiatives.

NJMS conducts a powerful annual door-to-door survey, reaching 75,000 people for early leprosy detection. In just three years, cases in Jamshedpur have dropped from 1.5 to 0.5 persons per 1000. Operating Antyoday Bhawan, NJMS provides free medical care, boarding and lodging to 4000+ leprosy patients. They also support children’s education and livelihood. Tata Motors’ crucial support propels NJMS’s impactful work in leprosy prevention, resulting in a significant decrease in leprosy incidence and thereby transforming lives in Jamshedpur and beyond.

Mr. Vinod Kulkarni, CSR Head at Tata Motors, emphasises, “Nav Jagrat Manav Samaj embodies the true essence of compassion and resilience in their unwavering commitment to eradicating leprosy and empowering individuals affected by this disease. Tata Motors is humbled to support NJMS in this noble endeavour, recognising their invaluable contribution to creating a leprosy-free society. Through collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication, we believe in fostering a future where every individual, regardless of their health challenges, can lead a life of dignity and inclusion.”