TATA Starbucks opens doors to its first store in Varanasi

TATA Starbucks opens doors to its first store in Varanasi

TATA Starbucks opens doors

9th April 2024: As TATA Starbucks continues to expand its presence in India and is driven by a commitment to bring forth an unparalleled coffee experience to consumers, the company announced its first store in the historic city of Varanasi. Opening earlier in the past week and receiving a colossal welcome from consumers in the first few hours, the store brings to the city an elevated coffee experience whilst also skilling local partners for jobs.

The vibrant 1600 sq. ft store comes to life with a captivating fusion of ancient allure and modern sophistication. From its traditional jharokha-style entrance to intricately designed interiors, every aspect reflects the city’s rich heritage. The warm ambiance, adorned with lanterns and lush greenery, offers a serene retreat for customers to indulge in a moment of relaxation. The captivating artwork captures the essence of Varanasi, depicting its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and colorful festivals. At the same time, it celebrates Starbucks’ commitment to quality, sustainability, and community, showcasing the journey from bean to cup and the farmers behind every sip.

As the store introduces some of the finest sourced coffee from India and across the world to audiences, the more than five-decade legacy of Starbucks is highlighted via the Blending Mastery and Farming Origins painting that adorns the insides of the outlet. Depicting the lively community and architecture of Seattle’s Pike Place Market – the first Starbucks store, the piece was created by a Seattle artist through her observations during time spent at the store, including people shopping for flowers, a busker playing a guitar, people taking selfies in line and more.

Speaking on the announcement, Sushant Dash, CEO, TATA Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are elated to open doors to our first store in Varanasi and bring to the city, the best of our global heritage combined with locally inspired offerings to the neighborhood. As we move into the next stage of our growth, we will continue to deepen our connection with both longstanding and new customers, communities and partners fueled by our love for coffee.”

Consumers can expect the best of global and local favorites that come together with a menu comprising familiar go-to choices such as the Java Chip Frappuccino®, Cafe Mocha, Signature Hot Chocolate, and Caramel Macchiato, alongside a range of delectable food items, including the Egg White & Chicken in Multigrain Croissant, Classic New York Cheesecake, Butter Croissant and much more. Combining these offerings with beverages inspired by India, including South Indian Filter Coffee, Masala Chai, Elaichi Chai, and an array of indulgent Milkshakes, one can also savor a delectable range of bite-sized snacks, shareable food and freshly assembled sandwiches inspired by a local and cultural taste.

The company will also offer the Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty program at the store, as an invitation for coffee lovers in Varanasi to be a part of the extended Starbucks India community.