The DoubleTree by Hilton Pune – Chinchwad takes a step towards sustainability

The DoubleTree by Hilton Pune – Chinchwad takes a step towards sustainability

The DoubleTree

Pune, India – DoubleTree by Hilton a leading business hotel committed to environmental responsibility, has recently implemented the usage of wooden key cards. This initiative not only ensures the provision of a safe check-in experience but also emphasizes the hotel’s commitment to sustainability by addressing concerns associated with single-use plastic.

“It’s time we eliminated the use of single-use plastic from our hotels and switch to more environment-friendly options. The hospitality industry continues to evolve and prioritize sustainability and opting for wooden hotel key cards is the way forward” said Vinay Nair, General Manager. He further added that “Hilton’s global environmental, social and governance strategy is to Travel with Purpose. Through this, the brand seeks to create positive environmental and social impact across its operations, supply chain and communities”

Although it’s a small step towards sustainability, this will have a significant environmental impact when combined with the other measures taken by the hotel towards green initiatives. In the past the hotel has taken up several other initiatives to reduce the dependency on single-use plastic – the hotel has switched to glass bottles as a part of in-room amenities, and plastic straws have been substituted with biodegradable materials. Last year, the hotel also built its own Christmas tree using recyclable wood. Small steps like these go a long way in reducing the ecological footprint.

The hotel strongly believes that as an industry, we must continue to strive to reduce our impact on the environment and implement eco-friendly alternatives for guest service items where possible