The Shark Tales Episode 3: Startups for a Better Tomorrow

The Shark Tales Episode 3: Startups for a Better Tomorrow

The Shark Tales Episode 3: Startups for a Better TomorrowAs Season 3 of Shark Tank India unfolds, it showcases a plethora of innovative and captivating business ideas. Entrepreneurs hailing from various regions, including Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, are seizing the spotlight. The show’s influence in fostering and championing the entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow steadily, resonating across the country.

Amit Jain, the founder and CEO of CarDekho, continues his role as a Shark from Season 2 to Season 3, advocating for the growing Indian startup ecosystem by nurturing and guiding the new generation of entrepreneurs. Season 3 has already seen some sustainable and innovative ideas aligned with Amit’s investment philosophy. Till now, he has invested in two companies – The Honest Home Company and Tiggle.

While episode 12 of Season 3 didn’t see Amit closing any deals, it was a compelling experience observing the innovative ideas presented before him. One of the standout pitches from the latest episode came from Amey Desai, the brains behind Lifespark Technologies and their groundbreaking product, WALK. Utilizing haptic technology to combat the freezing of gait, WALK not only impressed the Sharks but also resonated deeply with Amit.

Amit, known for his affinity towards tech-driven solutions with a social impact, found WALK to be a perfect fit for his investment philosophy. He expressed his admiration for the innovation and purpose behind WALK, recognizing its immense potential to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Read about Amit Jain’s learnings from the latest episode in the three pitches below:


Amey Desai’s pitch for WALK, India’s first mobility aid for Parkinson’s patients addressed a critical need. I have always been a fan of tech that creates social impact and makes people’s lives better. And WALK does just that. Using haptic tech to combat the freezing of gait was an innovation with a purpose. No doubt, it has huge potential. In Amey, I saw a very sorted and passionate founder with great clarity of thought. WALK ticked all the boxes of my investment philosophy, which is why I made them an offer. I’m really excited to see WALK’s journey and watch them create an impact in lives that need it. Congrats to Amey for securing a deal!

Raja Rani Clothing:

The super cute couple, Mohit and Priya, the sole proprietors of Raja Rani Clothing, presented a pitch with the potential to address the skill gap in the huge tailoring industry in India. Their academy, which has a great student base (20k+ average students in August), was an important aspect of their scalable model. Their online-offline hybrid model was something I admired for flexibility, and their focus on practical skills is also worth highlighting. But in this competitive space, scaling without compromising quality is important.  Such startups will be the foundation of a developed Bharat. Creating profitable sustainable businesses, generating local employment, and creating a new category digitally. When I see such startups I feel super excited and feel Bharat is rising! Wishing the sweet couple all the best, Rise and Shine!

Decode Age:

Rakesh, Parth, and Darshit’s Decode Age, India’s first longevity-focused company, presented a bold vision: 80s being the new 50s. Their 3P approach – Prevent, Predict, and Personalize – sounded promising. This subject of reverse ageing is being globally researched and has a huge potential. I couldn’t find the right to win here, the innovation part of building a 10x better product was missing, to me it seemed importing product/tech and to deploy as a service here. For that reason, I chose to skip an investment in Decode Age at this point. Wishing them all the best!

More than ‘deals’ or ‘no deals’, Shark Tank, for me, is about putting a spotlight on the raw potential of entrepreneurs from every part of the country, the challenges they face, and the decisions we investors have to make in helping these businesses with these challenges. Sometimes the dots connect, and sometimes, there’s a ‘next time’.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Shark Tales!