This Earth Day, Pakka unites with fashion & lifestyle brands along with innovators to protect forests

This Earth Day, Pakka unites with fashion & lifestyle brands along with innovators to protect forests

This Earth Day,

23rd April 2024: Global — Today in celebration of Earth Day, Pakka – pioneers of compostable packaging manufacturer in India, along with other 14 companies have committed to end sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests in their textile and packaging supply chains, demonstrating their dedication to people and the planet. This commitment is part of the CanopyStyle and Pack4Good initiatives from solutions-driven environmental not-for-profit Canopy. Other forward-thinking fashion and lifestyle brands in today’s announcement include John Lewis & Partners, Kering, Groupe Beaumanoir, Zadig & Voltaire, C&A, PANGAIA, City Threads, 2WO+1NE=2, Zeus + Dione, and House of Hackney.

Every year, 3.4 billion trees are cut down to make man-made cellulosic fibre (MMCF)-based textiles, like viscose and rayon, and for paper packaging. That is equivalent to two soccer pitches worth of forests being cut down every second. Beyond their commitment to preserving the world’s most climate and biodiversity-critical forests, these companies will also invest in low-carbon, circular fibre alternatives like Next Gen materials, and advocate for forest conservation and restoration globally.

As Next Gen innovators — Pakka and other organisations like BlockTexx, Genera, Nordic Bioproducts, and Ponda offer solutions technologies that range from packaging solutions made from miscanthus pulp, clothing waste, wheat straw, or hemp residues to high-quality pulps for textiles and wetland-regenerating fibres. These innovators offer creative and low-impact alternatives to forest fibre. As new governmental regulations around deforestation, climate, and eco-design come into play, trailblazers such as these will provide the circular, climate-friendly materials that global brands need.

Founded in Ayodhya in 1981 as Yash Papers Limited, a leading manufacturer of low-grammage kraft paper, the company strategically forayed into sustainable packaging. It was rebranded as Yash Pakka in 2019 to align with the mission of creating and promoting compostable packaging solutions, rebranding once again in 2023 to emerge as Pakka Limited. The company has established a global footprint, with its products accessible in over 40 countries and offices present in India, North America and it plans to establish a facility in Guatemala.