This Father’s Day Andal Gems & Jewels Presents the Ultimate Gifting Guide

This Father’s Day Andal Gems & Jewels Presents the Ultimate Gifting Guide

This Father's Day

As Father’s Day approaches, Andal Gems & Jewels is thrilled to unveil a curated selection of timeless classics, redefining men’s jewellery. Crafted for the modern gentleman, our collection features an array of exquisite pieces designed to elevate any ensemble.

Inspired by a desire to reintroduce jewellery styling for men, the collection embraces masculine and fun with a fusion of tradition and modernity offering easy and stylish pieces suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions. The collection features rings, bracelets and link chains. Rooted in the classic Signet design dating back to ancient Egypt, Andal’s pieces pay homage to tradition while infusing a modern twist, making them perfect for the contemporary man.

From the distinguished allure of our Signet rings to the effortless Link-bracelets and Bead bracelets for a casual yet luxurious look, each piece is meticulously crafted from the finest metals including 18k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Adorned with exquisite gemstones such as diamonds, black diamonds, champagne diamonds, black onyx, tiger eye quartz, malachite, agate chalcedony, and more, the collection exudes luxury and refinement.

Esshitha Guna, the founder of Andal Gems & Jewels, inherits her passion for jewellery from her father, Mr Gunashekar, who has dedicated himself to the same profession. Inspired by this legacy, Andal Gems & Jewels proudly unveils a timeless men’s jewellery collection just in time for Father’s Day.

Show your appreciation this Father’s Day with a timeless treasure from Andal Gems & Jewels that offers unique, meaningful gifts, effortlessly blending style with versatility.



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