Thought Blurb Communications launches brand Playseum

Thought Blurb Communications launches brand Playseum

16th December 2023 – Mumbai: Thought Blurb Communications, a Mumbai headquartered, full-function advertising and design agency has completed the branding and designing activities for the launch of Playseum. Playseum is a new-age kids’ play area, launched in Mumbai.

In the world of children’s imaginative and interactive play, there are very few players in India, and Playseum has dramatically changed it. Since its inception in June 2023, the venture is billed as an interactive playhouse for children where they can learn as they play.

Thought Blurb Communications has been involved in the entire branding and designing activities. The key challenge was to come up with a brand name. The naming strategy was devised by the agency keeping in mind to combine a place of play and a place to learn. There was conscious efforts to eliminate various words like ‘school’, ‘library’ and ‘academy’, for being too trite or cumbersome, and thus the word ‘museum’ was chosen.

The core idea formed from there – that the place was to be a museum where the exhibits were playable. That had some legs. It also had the advantage of sounding like an immersive experience. For parents, it would manifest as a place of education and worthwhile of a child to spend their time there. For the child, it was a place of play, entertainment, and happiness. Thus, the name was formed: Playseum.

The idea of interactivity and imagination comes alive in the space graphics by the design team. The logo, identity and overall design theme had to be warm, friendly, and comforting. The logo typography was designed as a series of curves, symbolizing smiles, carefully placed throughout the letters. The letters were intentionally shaped into soft curves to denote safety and comfort. The color palette chosen also followed similar thinking. The soft pastels of the logo were punctuated by complementary colors like yellow. Large fields and backgrounds were kept neutral with white, grey, light blue, and purple.

Every element of the interior has been treated with the same brush as it was with the collaterals, employee uniforms, printed materials and every other customer-facing communication.

Meera Sheth,

Meera Sheth, Founder of Playseum notes, “Branding and designing in today’s times plays an highly important role in any business and specially in anything where kids are involved. Kids love colours and visuals which helps calm them and bring our joy and fun. With Thought Blurb onboard we were able to find a way to build the right strategy. Children can learn from a very early age. But structured education fails to provide this. I have always involved myself with my children’s playtime. You learn a lot by being with them and observing them pick up basic knowledge and skills, as long as they are all part of playtime.”

Vinod Kunj,

Vinod Kunj, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Thought Blurb adds, “This is a unique brand in a unique space. There were really no precedents or examples leading us where we wanted to go. At Thought Blurb, we have made it a point to use our experience in launching new brands into the market to extensive use on this one. We had to establish guide-rails for the entire team to follow as we went about the task. We are proud to have been part of this brand and happy for another successful launch by our agency.”

The 6,000 sq. ft. facility has over 14 exhibits, and more than 50 activities that help children learn, observe, experience and feel as they absorb the meaning of what their actions are producing.