TiE Bangalore Announces the 9th Matrix Global Summit: Highlighting India’s GenAI and DeepTech Innovations

TiE Bangalore Announces the 9th Matrix Global Summit: Highlighting India’s GenAI and DeepTech Innovations

1st June 2024 Matrix Forum of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Bangalore, announces the 9th edition of its flagship event, the Matrix Global Summit, scheduled on June 6-7, 2024, at the Bangalore International Centre, with the theme, Deeptech – the Future Beckons.

Established in 2014, the Matrix Forum is a leading advocate of innovation and collaboration in Deeptech and Frontier-tech. With over a decade of technology advocacy, it boasts 3000+ Deeptech startups, 10+ Special Interest Groups (SIG), and a large community of 30,000+ practitioners. The Matrix Forum has emerged as a hub for startups, technology leaders, practitioners, investors, and ecosystem enablers, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, investments, partnerships, M&A & fostering growth of the Deeptech sector in India.

TiE Matrix Forum is curating and organizing the 9th edition of its annual Matrix Global Summit, the flagship event that brings together the brightest minds in technology to discuss and explore the latest trends, advancements, and disruptions in the industry. With a focus on content, learning, and discussions of emerging technologies and scaling up its applications, the summit has grown in stature over the last decade, attracting a global audience and featuring esteemed speakers and experts from various fields. This prestigious international conference and workshop will spotlight cutting-edge innovations from India in the realm of DeepTech and related domains.

“This year’s Matrix Global Summit is set to be a landmark event, reflecting the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of DeepTech in India,” said TR Anand, Chair, Matrix Forum and Board Member of TiE Bangalore. “We are proud to showcase the talent and innovation emerging from India and provide a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations.”

Keynotes: Deeptech – the Future Beckons

“AI for the World in the Context of India as a Product Nation”. Dr.Ajai Chowdhry, Co-Founder HCL and Chairman, EPIC Foundation

“Building Intelligent IT Infrastructure for AI”, Phani Srikanth, Principal Applied Scientist, NetApp.

“Approaches to thrive during the GenAI Cambrian period – From Super Models to Foundation Model Systems” by Suparna Bhattacharya, Fellow, AI Research Lab, Hewlett Packard Labs

“The Future of Blockchain: Navigating the Cycles of Centralization and Decentralization”, Dr. Nikhil Varma, Tech Lead, Algorand Foundation India

“Deep Tech – The Future Beckons” – Theme Address by Arvind Tiwary, Futurist and Chair Emeritus, Matrix Forum

#YouHeardItFirst at Matrix Global Summit: Major announcements at the conference

IIITB – Deeptech Incubator Launch in partnership with TiE Matrix Forum.

Faculty Development Programmes: “Next-Gen Educators: Mastering Blockchain with Algorand”

Major announcement by GenAi-based Sales companion startup, Clodura.ai

GenAI: Peeling the layers and understanding the future!

Desi LLM (Panel), multi-language Indic LLMs

GenAI in Action – Journeys across multiple market verticals

Evaluating GenAI Models (How good are they?)

AI hardware and silicon landscape and India’s Play!

Introduction to Hanooman LLM for Developer Enterprise users

AI in EdTech

Develop a lite app using an LLM-driven recommendation with hyperlocal data for food ordering

Matrix Startup Awards 2024:

Matrix Global Summit is celebrating 10 years of the Matrix Forum (erstwhile IoTForum) and inviting innovative startups to showcase brilliance in Innovation and Growth and win big. Over the past 9 years, Matrix Forum has instituted the Matrix Awards to identify, recognize and boost startups even before they became well known; like Ather Energy (award given in 2015). Join us to witness the next wave of DeepTech startups that are being groomed in India! On this occasion, we will also be joined by some of the past Matrix Award winners.

Building India’s Future Together:

Knitting together a Robust Deeptech Ecosystem – by academic, corporate and global incubators

Master Class for Start-Ups in Electronics and IoT

Industrial Sustainability: Cleaner Manufacturing as India flexes the manufacturing muscle

  • Sustainability: Decarbonisation in heavy industries
  • Data-driven manufacturing for sustainability

Agritech: Precision agriculture and supply chain efficiencies

  • Overview of Precision Technologies in Agriculture, Sustainable farming, and protected/indoor cultivation
  • Supporting the Agri Value Chain with ONDC


  • Precision in Supply Chain: Manufacturing and Mass Traceability with Blockchain

Workshops :

  • Robotics Workshop: Comprehensive dive into NVIDIA robotics technologies
  • Reimagining Business Models with Blockchain: A Sector-Based Ideation Workshop

Develop a lite app using a LLM driven recommendation with hyperlocal data for food ordering with Karon

TiE Matrix Global Summit is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of technology and innovation. It offers unparalleled networking opportunities and the chance to engage with the leading minds in industry and research.