Trent Ltd. unveils Samoh: a differentiated & elevated occasion wear concept

Trent Ltd. unveils Samoh: a differentiated & elevated occasion wear concept

Trent Ltd. unveils Samoh

Mumbai, 26 April 2023: Trent announces the latest addition to its portfolio – a differentiated and elevated occasion wear brand, SAMOH.

Samoh focuses on elegant, expressive, modern silhouettes and a new approach to a wardrobe that emphasizes versatility. Spread across 1800 sq. ft, Samoh will debut with its first-ever store in Lucknow at Hazratganj and will cater to people who appreciate a luxurious and modern take on cherished designs and motifs from the Indian hinterland.

Trent’s lifestyle offerings across concepts, categories, and channels are witnessing growing acceptance. Over time, Trent seeks to build out a compelling and future-fit portfolio of lifestyle brands. Leveraging the platform and consistent with the foregoing agenda, Trent is now seeking to pursue the opportunity in the modern and contemporary occasion wear space with Samoh.

Trent plans to expand Samoh to other parts of India by year-end, where customers can experience Samoh’s luxe and Indian spirit firsthand. With its premium fabrics, intricate designs, and attention to detail, it is set to become the go-to brand for customers looking for occasion wear that is both stylish and timeless.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Trent’s premium occasion wear concept Samoh today” said Mr. Noel Tata, Chairman of Trent Ltd., “Samoh’s range draws inspiration from traditional roots and blends it seamlessly with modern aesthetics. Samoh will undoubtedly provide a compelling touch of luxury and sophistication to our customers, while they shop for their special moments in life”.

The launch of Samoh marks an exciting new chapter for Trent, as the company continues to expand its portfolio of compelling retail brands.