U.P. Govt. Signs MoU For India’s First Quantum Computing Data Center ‘IQDC’

U.P. Govt. Signs MoU For India’s First Quantum Computing Data Center ‘IQDC’

07th Feb. 2023, New Delhi/Noida/Lucknow, India

Just two days ahead of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) Global Investors Summit 2023, today U.P. Govt. signs an MoU with Innogress for setting up India’s first Quantum Computing Data Center, ‘IQDC’ (Indraprastha Quantum Data Center), at Greater Noida, U.P. proposed in JV with GAN Tech. UK.

Recently U.P. attracted many Data Center projects, particularly in Noida/Greater Noida area, but this is the first time a new data center is proposed on innovative Quantum Computing Technology. So far, all data centers in India are based on classical computing technologies, which (classical computing) having own technological and performance-related limitations. Data Centers based on classical computing shall have huge energy and space requirements, and at the same time have huge information security risks due to recent Quantum Computer-based algorithms discovered by Chines scientists which is believed to be good enough to break RSA-based data encryption, hence leaving the present day classical data centers vulnerable to Quantum Computer-based security attacks.

Commenting on a recent proposal sent to the state Govt. of U.P. under U.P. GIS2023 for setting up India’s first Quantum Computing Data Center at Gr. Noida, Founding Partner of Innogress Mr. Sumant Parimal, said “Present Data Centers likely to hit redundancy in the future due to performance/speed, energy, space, and data security concerns, as the whole computing and data storage architecture is based on classical computing which is bits (0,1) based built on semiconductor chips. However, Quantum Computers built on quantum chips perform computation and storage of information using Qubits, which are much faster in speed and store a higher volume of data on the same chip size and require lesser energy for performing computing. Quantum Computing technology is recent innovation and fast evolving and having capabilities to sustain future A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) applications and emerging Apps. higher computing resource requirements”.

“Keeping this latest Tech. innovations in mind, we at Innogress in collaborating with our UK Partner GAN Tech. UK Ltd. and prospective investors, proposing to set up India’s first Quantum Computing Data Center, Indraprastha Quantum Data Center, at Gr. Noida U.P. under the framework of incentives launched by U.P. Govt. during ongoing U.P. Global Investors Summit2023 progg. We are aligning our proposed Quantum Tech. Data Center Project ‘IQDC’ with the vision of Hon’ble CM of U.P. and Hon’ble PM of India for developing U.P. and India as innovative Technologies hub. Our proposed data center is going to be quantum-safe and going to enable high-performance computing requirements of New India” Sumant Parimal said.