Udemy Announces Generative AI Roadmap For Accelerated, Personalized Skills Development

Udemy Announces Generative AI Roadmap For Accelerated, Personalized Skills Development

New Delhi, India, February 22, 2024: Udemy, a leading online skills marketplace and learning platform, recently announced a series of generative AI (gen AI)-enabled offerings designed to support personalized learning and enhanced skills development. The comprehensive Udemy Intelligent Skills Platform will include Udemy AI Learning Assistant, Udemy AI Skills Mapping and several new enhancements for content creators/instructors, such as a gen AI-assisted Q&A feature.

“We believe gen AI is radically revolutionizing the way we work and how professionals are developing new skills,” said Greg Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer at Udemy. “As the world transitions to a skills-based economy, our gen AI-powered Intelligent Skills Platform will transform personalized learning and how skills are acquired and verified. Udemy is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences, ensuring learners and organizations can easily identify and develop the skills they need today and in the future.”

Scheduled to launch throughout 2024, the Udemy gen AI-powered ecosystem will empower organisations with personalized learning solutions for professionals by facilitating the discovery, development and validation of competitive skills crucial to accomplishing business objectives. Udemy’s AI-oriented offerings, as well as its overall Intelligent Skills Platform, will support employee training and development, enabling faster real-world application of new skills and integrating learning into existing workflows.

Supporting Top Tech Talent in India

Udemy is continuing to invest in learning and development solutions for Indian organisations and professionals to help them upskill in emerging skills such as gen AI. At the Tamil Nadu Global Investor Meet in January, Udemy committed to establishing a new Research and Development (R&D) center in Chennai that will aim to employ software and product development experts, helping local talent build emerging technical skills. In partnership with the Government of Tamil Nadu, Udemy intends to hire more than 200 tech professionals in Chennai.

The establishment of the cutting-edge R&D center aligns with Udemy and Tamil Nadu’s commitment to driving technological excellence and bridging the skills gap in the rapidly evolving landscape of gen AI.

To learn more about how organizations can leverage the Udemy Intelligent Skills Platform, visit bit.ly/udemy-gen-ai. For more details on gen AI learning trends, visit bit.ly/gen-ai-learning-trends.

Preview the new gen AI features Udemy is building here.

Udemy AI Learning Assistant

Focused on helping learners easily identify courses among the wealth of knowledge on the Udemy platform and optimize in-course learning, the Udemy AI Learning Assistant will take a multifaceted approach to strengthen the learning experience by:

  • Helping learners discover the right content for them among the thousands of courses on the platform before they get started. The Udemy AI Learning Assistant will aim to surface the most relevant learning content based on learner search terms and desired objectives as captured in the chat. Learners can articulate their needs using natural language and the Udemy AI Learning Assistant will identify the content that best matches the desired skills.
  • Summarizing course content for easier consumption and recollection to accelerate learning.
  • Offering personalized feedback via the intelligent chat-based assistant to speed up learning, comprehension and subject mastery. When learners raise questions pertinent to the course content, the Udemy AI Learning Assistant can provide concise responses along with links to relevant lectures for constructive guidance.

Udemy AI Skills Mapping & Guidance

Knowing which skills will drive business and learning outcomes, and subsequently, which learning content maps to those skills to upskill internal talent can be a difficult, manual and time-intensive challenge. However, this is the challenge in front of every company that wants to become a skills-based organization. The Udemy AI Skills Mapping tool will make it easy for any organization to transition to a skills-based approach by reducing the effort and time required to translate loosely defined, high-level needs to the detailed list of skills required.

Udemy AI Skills Mapping will help organisations with the development of personalized and scalable custom learning paths (often referred to as guidance) that map skills to learning content. For example, an admin will be able to say that they would like to develop expertise for their team in a particular domain and Udemy AI Skills Mapping will be able to generate the right learning paths based on the desired end skill set and business outcome.

Gen AI-powered Q&A

Building on the success of the gen AI-powered tools launched in 2023 for creating coding exercises in Java, Python and C++ courses, Udemy will further enhance and deliver new capabilities for instructors to more efficiently meet learner needs through a gen AI-powered Q&A Assistant.

This offering will allow learners to receive faster responses to the questions they post in discussion forums while ensuring the instructors will be given the opportunity to review and vet the answers, maintaining quality and alignment with their educational materials. Learners will benefit from accurate and clear responses delivered at speed and instructors utilizing this tool will save valuable time, allowing them to focus on what they do best – teaching.

Gen AI-powered Thematic Analysis for Cohort Learning

Udemy has also launched a thematic analysis feature to facilitate cohort learning experiences in the Udemy Business Leadership Academy. Udemy’s gen AI capabilities summarize and highlight emerging themes from discussions and other group activities to facilitate collaboration, share knowledge and enhance cross-functional understanding for admins and learners.

“Personalized, practical and efficient learning solutions on the Udemy Intelligent Skills Platform will drive greater adoption and engagement for millions of professionals, helping learners find the right part of the right course for the learning outcome that best meets their needs,” said Prasad Raje, Chief Product Officer at Udemy. “Udemy AI Learning Assistant and AI Skills Mapping will enable learners and leaders within organizations to access the collective expertise of thousands of Udemy instructors to personalize learning on an entirely new level. Additionally, it will empower instructors to scale their connections with learners.”