Vadilal Unveils New Quirkiest Summer Campaign Where Joy, Flavor, and ‘WAAH’ Moments Unite

Vadilal Unveils New Quirkiest Summer Campaign Where Joy, Flavor, and ‘WAAH’ Moments Unite

Vadilal Unveils New

3rd May 2024 Vadilal Enterprise Limited, India’s leading ice cream brand announces the launch of its newest summer campaign, poised to elevate every celebration to its utmost potential. Unveiling a series of three films depicting the significance of celebrations &Vadilal, the brand uniquely showcases “Har moment kobanayeKamaal! WAAH Vadilal!”

The campaign revolves around the central theme of ‘WAAH’, embodying the utter delight experienced by consumers when indulging in Vadilal ice creams. Vadilal captures the essence of celebration through three poignant films, each showcasing moments of life’s milestones that go unnoticed until Vadilal ice cream makes its heartwarming entrance. From the jubilant arrival of a newborn in the hospital to the poignant reunion of a long-lost son in India, and the groundbreaking news of a Mars landing in the newsroom, Vadilal’s presence elevates these moments into indelible celebrations. The films ingeniously convey Vadilal’s essence by humorously echoing the central themes, where protagonists only fully react to the news once Vadilal ice cream is served, emphasizing the joyous association with ice cream as the core ingredient. In a mere fortnight, two out of three campaign films have already graced the screens, captivating audiences with their ingenuity and message. Yet, the thrill continues to mount as the eagerly awaited third film is poised for release in the forthcoming week, promising heightened entertainment and engagement for consumers.

For over a century, Vadilal has woven itself into the fabric of countless family narratives, enriching moments of celebration with its signature flavors, both grand and intimate. Vadilal has cleverly played with the sentiments of the Indian culture where every moment, be it festivals or intimate news is celebrated with delightful treats. Over the past three years, the brand has passionately pursued the essence of the “WAAH” factor in life’s experiences. With each indulgence in Vadilal’s delectable ice creams, protagonists find themselves exclaiming ‘WAAH’, a sentiment Vadilal has embraced and amplified in their cinematic narratives. The films eloquently underscore the idea that every moment, no matter how fleeting, feels incomplete without the joyous presence of Vadilal.

Niraj R. Presswala, General Manager, Marketing & Branding says, “With loyal consumers spanning three generations, Vadilal Ice Creams is thrilled to connect with every age group in the quirkiest way possible this year, and we will continue doing campaigns like these year on year. Our summer ad films promise not only the best laughs but also a trip down memory lane, recalling your fondest celebratory moments. Vadilal has been there for countless “WAAH” moments – from birthdays to anniversairies to new jobs and to making every small moment a WAAH moment in your life. We’re excited to keep being a part of your cherished memories in the years ahead.”

The TVCs are crafted byMoonshot Digital creative agency and feature scripts written by TanmayBhat, DevaiahBopanna, Puneet Chadha, and Deep Joshi, with direction films by Rahul Bharti and production by Zuleikha Gupta at Sun City Studios.

DevaiahBopanna, Co-founder of Moonshot Digital says, “It’s not every day that you get a chance to work on a legacy brand. The challenge of living up to the legacy of Vadilal, while also trying to push the envelope on the creative, is no easy task. Thankfully, we had the unflinching support from the Vadilal team to create something all of us could be proud of. Sometimes, we just need to keep it simple and let the product and the brand do all the talking. So when we hit upon a simple insight that ‘Every moment can be an epic moment if we have Vadilal in it,’ it immediately resonated with all of us.”

Vadilal has been a part of celebrations in India for over a century. From adding its magic to vibrant gatherings and intimate occasions, Vadilal is the secret ingredient elevating and making every moment truly ‘kamaal’. The campaign will be amplified through a mega-media mix with maximum penetration across mediums such as TV, Digital, Print, Radio, OOH, Audio, News Channels, and all brand touch points.