VASA Indica Your way to the new Indica

VASA Indica Your way to the new Indica

VĀSA Indica Your way to the new Indica

New Delhi, 16th May 2024, Amidst the lively streets of New Delhi, VĀSA Indica is set to open its doors on May 17th at Regency One, marking the dawn of a revolutionary era in retail. Over 60 emerging designers will display their curated assortments. Nestled near Dhan Mill, the 5000 sq. ft. retail space offers a meticulously crafted haven where each brand’s vision can be explored and appreciated in an environment that is as inviting as it is inspiring.

Founded by a trio whose expertise spans BUSINESS, DESIGN, and STRATEGY, VĀSA Indica is the brainchild of Rishi Sakhuja, Devika Sakhuja, and Yuvraj Singh Shergill. Each brings a distinctive perspective to this brainchild: Rishi’s strategic direction and experience in the direct-to-consumer market, Devika’s impeccable eye for curation and luxury, and Yuvraj’s prowess in retail and real estate development. Together, they embody the ethos of The New Indica, offering strong support to Indian brands while boldly championing the essence of the Indica values.

One of the founders of VĀSA Rishi Sakhuja further adds “We seek to revolutionize Indian fashion, curating selections that reflect contemporary trends. Empowering modern buyers to express individuality with confidence, it envisions a future synonymous with accessible and diverse fashion and lifestyle”.

” VĀSA Indica offers modern consumers personalized styling assistance, handpicked events, and exclusive previews, shaping the environment into a dynamic nexus where craftsmanship, style, and commerce harmonize. Featuring brands like Ka-Sha from Pune, Divya Sheth from Kolkata, Mimamsa from Lucknow,Tilla from Ahmedabad,Ekadi from Bihar, Naushad Ali from Pondicherry, Art Chives from Mumbai & Ode-to-Odd from Ranchi amongst others who proudly champions the essence of the Indica ethos, With prices ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 75,000, luxury becomes accessible, bridging India’s artisanal heritage with modern aspirations.

The result is a destination where exclusivity feels accessible and where every piece of clothing or accessories comes with a narrative that adds to the larger story of Indian fashion. VĀSA Indica is poised to make its mark on Delhi’s style landscape, offering a refreshing, thoughtfully curated take on contemporary fashion that celebrates the best of India’s evolving identity.



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