Veto4India: Haq Banta Hai…India Deserves a Permanent Seat at the United Nations Security Council

Veto4India: Haq Banta Hai…India Deserves a Permanent Seat at the United Nations Security Council


New Delhi, September 7, 2023 – Today, history was made as concerned citizens, distinguished experts, and passionate advocates gathered at the Pass Club of India in New Delhi for the “Veto4India: Haq Banta Hai! India Deserves” event. This landmark occasion marked a significant step in the ongoing movement to secure a Permanent Seat for India at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

The event, held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, witnessed distinguished guests Shri Arvind Singh, Founder of Veto4India, Ambassador Shri Anil Trigunayat IFS (Retd.), Shri Melwyn Williams Chirayath (Cine Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Festival Consultant & Curator, Entrepreneur & Culture Journalist), and Shri Desh Rattan Nigam, Supreme Court Advocate.

An enlightening skit was also performed by Shri Ram Centre Professionals amid a lively Question & Answers Session, where participants voiced their thoughts and concerns.

Shri Arvind Singh, Founder of Veto4India, said, “Today, we gather not just as citizens, but as stewards of India’s destiny, demanding the recognition our nation deserves on the world stage.”

Melwyn Williams Chirayath, said, : “India’s cultural richness, innovation, and diversity make it a potent force for positive change. Let us unite to ensure that this vibrant tapestry finds its rightful place in shaping international affairs.”

Desh Rattan Nigam, Supreme Court Advocate, said,: “In the halls of justice and diplomacy, we advocate not only for India’s aspirations but for justice itself. India’s seat at the UNSC isn’t just a seat; it’s a seat for justice, equity, and progress.”

The “Veto4India” movement was initiated by Arvind Singh, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, who firmly believes that India, with its remarkable achievements and contributions on the global stage, deserves a permanent seat at the UNSC. The movement has gained immense momentum, with over 30,000 individuals signing the petition on

India’s rise as the world’s most populous country, coupled with its status as the fastest-growing economy and the largest democracy, underscores the importance of recognizing its worth and providing it with the representation it deserves at the United Nations. India’s significant contributions to UN Peacekeeping missions further emphasize its role as a responsible global citizen.

Arvind Singh’s call for India to be granted a permanent seat at the UNSC is resonating with people both in India and around the world. The online petition has garnered substantial support and continues to grow. As the movement gains traction, the international community is closely watching to see if India will finally receive the recognition it merits.

Arvind Singh, an ex-international banker, who has returned to India after three decades overseas, is dedicating his time and efforts to the cause of nation-building. His mission to secure a permanent seat for India at the UNSC has garnered the support of experts, retired Indian Foreign Service Officers, and concerned citizens who believe that India’s inclusion at the highest decision-making table will strengthen the United Nations and foster a more balanced and inclusive global agenda.