Vieroots Unveils Its First Brand Film: ‘Human Performance, Optimized

Vieroots Unveils Its First Brand Film: ‘Human Performance, Optimized

Bengaluru, India –13th June 2024– Vieroots Wellness Solutions, the world’s first complete personalized health ecosystem, today launched its captivating brand film that introduces the concept of Human Performance Optimization (HPO). This evocative film challenges viewers to look beyond generic wellness solutions and embrace a future where health optimization is tailored to their unique DNA.

Vieroots’ HPO approach goes beyond traditional wellness. The film’s powerful narrative ignites self-reflection, prompting viewers to question if they’re truly reaching their full potential. Vieroots believes a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t cut it. To unlock true well-being, individuals deserve a deeper understanding of their body’s unique makeup.

Vieroots’ HPO programs leverage cutting-edge science and technology to deliver this personalization. The film showcases the seamless integration of AI, epigenetic lifestyle modifications, big data, and wearables. This holistic approach empowers individuals to optimize their physical, emotional, and cognitive performance, regardless of age, lifestyle, or current health metrics.

Sajeev Nair,

Sajeev Nair, Founder & Chairman of Vieroots Wellness Solutions, emphasizes the transformative power of HPO: “This film embodies Vieroots’ philosophy: we believe the human body is capable of extraordinary things. Through HPO, we empower individuals to become architects of their own health. Epigenetic modifications, the core focus of our approach, have the potential to revolutionize the future of healthcare.”

Vieroots’ industry-leading product, EPLIMO, is a testament to this commitment to personalization. EPLIMO leverages a self-administered genetic test and detailed metabolic assessment to generate a comprehensive picture of an individual’s health potential. AI then analyzes this data, pinpointing risks for over 250 lifestyle diseases before symptoms appear.

Vieroots also has an extensive catalog of precision nutrition supplements, with the brand also offering consultations by certified coaches. Vieroots is all set to launch its biggest flagship wearable tech this year, adding more key elements to its health ecosystem.