Vserve Empowers Orphans by Educating and Sheltering Them Through Its CSR Initiative

Vserve Empowers Orphans by Educating and Sheltering Them Through Its CSR Initiative

April 27th, 2024, New Delhi: Vserve, an ecommerce business solutions enterprise serving 200+ companies all over the world with an experience of 7+ years, is proud to unravel its philanthropic services for the orphans, through its LightLives initiative, in the coastal town of Trivandrum. The initiative strives to educate and provide orphanages to the orphans, so that their lives may become much less difficult.

Being an orphan is perhaps the biggest difficulty which a child, as well as an adult, may have to experience. Due to this, an individual may have to suffer in multiple aspects of personality such as earning their means of living, their right to education, shelter, healthcare services, and above all, the assurance of guardianship. However, corporates like Vserve come to the rescue of the sufferers like a saviour, in such unwelcome circumstances.

Vserve’s CSR initiative, LightLives, aims at reducing the torments of orphaned and uncared individuals. This initiative works alongside children and adults at orphanages and low-income schools, and pioneers to educate them by imbibing a year-long inclusive LEAD programme in their regular school routines, to foster various vocational qualities, in them, such as decision-making capacity, leadership roles, proper communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving for preparing them to handle their future with ease.

Committed to the core values of CSR, Vserve’s team figures out the orphaned kids and adults in their area, enrols their information in their database, organises charity and philanthropic programmes, and thereafter, allocates the funds, it earns by these programmes, for their maintenance. Moreover, because most of the orphans happen to live by the roadside areas, Vserve’s team also provides them with proper orphanages, wherein the distraught may feel a sense of homeliness, dignity, and security for having not to depend on the lowest ways of earning their bread and butter.

Speaking about this programme, Mr. Siva Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO at Vserve said, ‘Becoming an orphan is a misfortune which one can have no choice but to experience. It becomes a responsibility for us to help the distraught as much as possible in making their lives appear less difficult to them. The orphans seek love, security, shelter, and dignity as much as anyone else. And we, through our commitment to CSR’s core values, shall continue to provide them all that they deserve, rightfully.’

Through its noble initiative, Vserve aspires to create the most vocationally qualified, morally strong, and characteristically firm intellectuals for tomorrow, who may handle the challenges of the future well. It aims at reshaping the horizon of the current landscape by building up the most productive workforce for tomorrow.