Wencor announces an exclusive, multi-year defense partnership with Regal Rexnord Aerospace

Wencor announces an exclusive, multi-year defense partnership with Regal Rexnord Aerospace

Wencor announces an exclusive, multi-year defense partnership with Regal Rexnord Aerospace and an extension of their current exclusive commercial aftermarket agreement.

Peachtree City, GA (March 30, 2023) Regal Rexnord Aerospace has selected Wencor as its exclusive distributor supporting the global military and government aftermarkets for Regal Rexnord’s seal and bearings products. In addition to the agreement, Wencor and Regal Rexnord Aerospace recently announced the extension of their exclusive global agreement, in which, Wencor will continue to distribute Regal Rexnord Aerospace seals and bearings to the commercial aviation aftermarket through 2027.

“Regal Rexnord Aerospace has enjoyed a strategic partnership with Wencor for nearly two decades, which has proven to be value-added in servicing the growing needs of the aerospace market. We are pleased to continue our joint efforts in supporting our mutual commercial and defense customers with the highest quality of engineered solutions,” said Regal Rexnord Vice President and General Manager – Aerospace Division, Jamie Quilter.

“Regal Rexnord has been a great partner for almost twenty years, consistently offering a growing portfolio of products. We are excited to extend and expand our long-term relationship, both of which allows Wencor to continue delivering on its value proposition of providing innovative solutions that enhance reliability and availability to our commercial and defense customers through our best-in-class service levels,” adds Wencor Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Trogdon.

About Wencor
Wencor has been a trusted partner in aerospace and defense for over 60 years, offering CMM and DER repairs, PMA design and development as well as an extensive network of distribution solutions to help customers lower the cost of aircraft ownership while increasing reliability. We support most of the commercial airlines, repair stations and OEMs worldwide through our corporate affiliates; Absolute Aviation Services, Aerospace Coatings International, Accessory Technologies, Aviatron, Fortner Engineering, PHS Aviation, Silver Wings Aerospace, Soundair Aviation Services, Aero-Glen International, ASC International and Kitco Defense. Wencor is headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area with additional offices in Utah, Alabama, California, Florida, New York, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Amsterdam, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Istanbul. For more information, please visit www.wencor.com and follow Wencor on LinkedIn.

About Regal Rexnord Aerospace
For over 65 years, Regal Rexnord has provided quality bearings, seals, gears and electrical components used in the aerospace industry all over the world. As the premier leader in the supply of highly engineered specialty bearings and mechanical seals, Regal Rexnord products can be found in every aspect of the aerospace industry, from engine systems and flight controls, to landing gear and aircraft structures. Whether it’s the rudder of a plane or a landing gear, Regal Rexnord Aerospace products help guarantee a smooth operation.

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