Whistle, India’s most-advanced dental-beauty brand, redefines bridal confidence with beautiful smiles

Whistle, India’s most-advanced dental-beauty brand, redefines bridal confidence with beautiful smiles


“Whistle”, the trendsetter in cosmetic dentistry, has taken the world of beauty and confidence to newer heights as the presenting sponsor of the ‘Bridal Luxury Edition’ fashion show in Bengaluru. This luxurious event, hosted by Prasad Bidapa Associates on 28th October, was a star-studded affair that witnessed the presence of renowned designers like Ritu Kumar, Suneet Verma, P.N. Rao, Geisha Designs, Deepam Silk, Darshi Keerthisena, and Dimuthu Sahabandhu, showcasing the fusion of fashion and dental elegance.

“Whistle”, left an indelible mark on this glamorous evening by emphasizing the significance of beautifully aligned teeth. Whistle, has joined hands with Clove Dental – India’s largest dental chain, with 425+ clinics, 1000+ dentists and 80+ orthodontists, to give each individual, a best-in-class smile enhancing dental experience.

Mr. Amarinder Singh, CEO of Whistle said, “At Whistle, our vision is always to provide healthy and beautiful smiles. I have always maintained that teeth are the most important and conspicuous part of our face and Smile is a big part of the facial structure. A perfect smile is the last frontier of beauty, and Whistle is here to deliver beautiful smiles for 1.4 billion Indians, one smile at a time.”

Dr. Amit Sachdeva, Chief Product Officer of Whistle, commented, “Everyone has a unique smile which not only enhances their beauty but also defines their personality. We at Whistle have used an innovative shape memory polymer material coupled with highly precise 3D printing technology to develop a state-of-the-art Smile Enhancement product called ‘Whistle Aligners’. These Aligners are designed using AI software which is further enhanced by expertise derived from Clove Dental’s most experienced dentists and orthodontists.”

The ‘Whistle Zone,’ an exclusive area at the event, embodied the spirit of inner happiness. It showcased our innovative dental solutions, including Whistle Aligners, which offer discreet and effective teeth alignment solutions, empowering individuals to embrace their true selves with confidence and self-assurance. Whistle Aligners, produced in partnership with Clove Dental, were the undeniable stars of the evening, demonstrating their revolutionary ability to fix and elevate smiles in a subtle, non-intrusive manner.

Whistle is not just a dental products brand; it is a beacon of beauty and confidence, guiding individuals on their journey to inner happiness. Our first product, Whistle Aligners, is your passport to a radiant, confident smile, allowing you to embrace your true self and exude beauty and confidence with every grin. Join us on this transformative journey, where smiles are the ultimate statement of inner happiness. Whistle: Where Your Smile Redefines Beauty and Confidence!