Woman chanting Gayatri Mantra for 2 hours, as Doctors Remove Brain Tumour

Woman chanting Gayatri Mantra for 2 hours, as Doctors Remove Brain Tumour

Dr. Amit Aiwale,

Mumbai- In a formidable yet elusive operation, doctors at Solaris Hospital in Thane performed a unique brain surgery to save a woman’s life while she kept awake and chanting Gayatri Mantra for 2 hours in the operation theater. Dr. Amit Aiwale, a renowned Neurosurgeon from Solaris Hospital known for his expertise in complex brain surgeries performed a successful awake craniotomy a type of brain surgery where the patient is not put under general anesthesia to constantly map their motor functions and reactions to remove a tumour in the women’s brain. An Awake Craniotomy, also known as Awake Brain Surgery, is a procedure performed when the patient is awake which reduces the risk of damaging critical areas of the brain.

Giving more information on this, Dr. Amit Aiwale, Neurosurgeon & Director of Solaris Hospital says, “Your brain is a control center for your body. It helps you move your arms, legs, and do many other functions. The young lady (age 45), from Mulund had initially sought medical attention for behavioral disturbances from a psychiatrist that were affecting her personal life. Her behavioral disturbances that were affecting her personal life, the young woman found herself at the crossroads of mental health challenges and marital strain and after all investigation we determined that they were caused by a tumour in her brain. Keeping in mind the woman’s age and the tumour’s proximity to her motor cortex, the area of the brain that controls physical movements, we opted to perform awake brain surgery to minimize the risk of debilitating her. Throughout the Awake craniotomy, she chanted the Gayatri Mantra, a sacred chant from Hindu scriptures. This spiritual practice not only showcased the patient’s resilience but also added a unique dimension to the surgical journey.”

Dr. Amit Aiwale further added, the woman showed no signs of stress during the entire process as our team of doctors kept constantly talking to her. In this Awake craniotomy, an intricate procedure where the patient remains conscious during parts of the surgery. This allows surgeons to interact with the patient, ensuring vital functions like speech are safeguarded during the tumor’s removal. Also the patient is monitored for hand and leg movements so as to prevent any paralysis. This allows Surgeons to remove the maximum brain tumor without affecting the quality of life of patients. The removal of the tumour was done with a very well modern operation theater with a high resolution microscope and navigation system in Solaris Hospital. After removal of Brain tumour we discharged her after four days from the hospital.