Samsung Presents Galaxy AI Vision at MWC 2024 with Latest Products and Services

Gurugram, India – February 26, 2024: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will unleash new mobile experiences with Galaxy AI at Mobile World Congress 2024, which kicks off today in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors to the Samsung booth will experience Galaxy AI hands-on across all Galaxy products, centered around Galaxy S24 series which leads the way into a new era of mobile AI. Galaxy AI[1] will also be expanded across the Samsung portfolio, including more intelligent productivity with Galaxy Book4 series, intelligent health with Galaxy Watch6 series, and Galaxy Ring which is being publicly displayed for the first time.


“Our latest Galaxy products and innovations unlock the power of mobile AI to empower users in their everyday lives to open up new possibilities,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “At MWC this year, we’re excited to showcase Galaxy AI across our portfolio, including Galaxy S24 series, proving just how powerful these devices are in enabling a better, more intelligent and connected future.”

Introducing a New Era of Mobile AI

Samsung will present the AI features of Galaxy S24 series that empower user’s communication and creativity, brought to life in everyday scenarios at the booth. This includes features such as Live Translate[2] powered by on-device AI for two-way, real-time translations of phone calls that defy language barriers. Circle to Search with Google[3] enables quick and easy, more intuitive searching to make new discoveries with just a simple gesture. Also on show will be Note Assist[4], which simplifies and organizes complex texts, as well as Generative Edit[5], which allows a user to freely resize or reposition subjects within photos for more creative freedom.

Samsung has also organized a space where visitors can check out the powerful camera performance of Galaxy S24 series. In the zone resembling a dim concert hall, close-up shots can be taken of small objects placed on stage to utilize the Nightography capabilities of Galaxy S24 series, upgraded to be more stable in low light thanks to Galaxy’s AI-based ProVisual Engine[6].

These Galaxy AI capabilities are soon to be expanded to existing Galaxy models, including Galaxy Z Fold5, Z Flip5 and Tab S9 series, as well as Galaxy S23 series and S23 FE[7]. In addition, Samsung is offering the chance to experience enhanced productivity first-hand with Galaxy Book4 series, set to launch globally from February 26. Displayed at the Samsung booth, connectivity features on Galaxy devices will demonstrate how users can elevate productivity seamlessly, such as easy transfer and editing of photos and videos between Galaxy S24, Galaxy Book4 and Galaxy Tab S9.

More Connected Wellness Experiences, Powered by AI

Samsung will be displaying its intelligent health lineup at MWC, offering users even more personalized and seamless health experiences with the transformative power of AI, across even more devices. As part of this portfolio, Galaxy Ring is being unveiled as a new health form factor that simplifies everyday wellness, supporting smarter and healthier living via a more connected digital wellness platform – Samsung Health.

Samsung is also set to exhibit upcoming intelligent health features. For example, My Vitality Score[8] offers personalized health insights based on multiple factors including Sleep, Activity, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, while Booster Card[9] helps make each day healthier by tracking predefined goals and delivering actionable insights. Visitors will be able to see the benefits of these features on Galaxy Watch6 series paired with Galaxy S24, prior to public availability later this year.

Leveraging Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, Samsung is showcasing how the home can be turned into a place for healthier living[10]. Control connected lights to automatically turn off and on for a more optimal sleep[11] or set alerts as a reminder to take medicine. It also allows a user to track exercises and measure heart rate and calories burned in real-time while following a fitness video on a connected TV, all at the same time.

The Samsung Galaxy Experience booth at MWC 2024 is located in Hall 3 of the Fira Barcelona Gran Via.

NMIT’s ERCICAM Shines Spotlight on Emerging Technologies


Bengaluru, 26th February 2024 Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT) hosted the First International Conference on Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning event (ERCICAM 2024), which brought together experts, enthusiasts, and their research from across the field of emerging technologies.

The event featured an expert keynote speech on the impact of AI on jobs, democracy & decision-making processes; research paper presentations and discussions, all focused on the latest trends and developments in computing, information, communication, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research and development, network with industry leaders, and gain insights into how emerging technologies are shaping the future of their respective fields.

The conference was graced by the presence of prominent dignitaries including Dr. G. R. Sinha, Provost (Vice Chancellor), GSFC University, Vadodara, Gujarat. Speaking at the occasion, he noted “AI is playing a significant role in revolutionizing the technological landscape of different sectors including healthcare and sustainability. We are advancing in the 5G and 6G Technology which has created a potential to integrate AI in telehealthcare in rural India. AI is now driving the focus of the industry towards ESG: Environment Sustainability Governance. With these developments, it has become extremely necessary to bring the industry and academia closer and, there are tremendous efforts being made here at NMIT in bringing the two closer. I want to advise the students and researchers that we are surrounded by data and we need to exploit that data in real time”.

Dr. Dana Rezazadegan, “the superstar of STEM”, from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia, delivered her keynote address on the topic “AI Horizons: Opportunities & Threats that reshape our Future”. Addressing the gathering she said, “AI has the potential to revolutionize various domains, including healthcare, science, and communication. However, its responsible use is crucial to address concerns about misinformation and fake news. The focus of researchers should be on developing responsible, explainable and ethical AI.” She also emphasized the importance of integrating AI systems into energy hubs and transportation, while ensuring that AI is used for the betterment of society.

Venugopal K R, Former Vice- Chancellor of Bangalore University said , “The world is now moving from Artificial Intelligence to Super Artificial Intelligence. While AI plays a major role in data management, it is our duty to ensure AI is explainable, accountable and responsible for mankind. Although we are witnessing the threatful impact of advancement in AI with Deep Fake technology, we should navigate the advantage of Digital twin creations in life ailing requirements. Cloning, DNA Profiling, Co-operative robots, STEM cell technology, Artificial and real synthesis will be one of the leading cutting edge technologies of the future”

Dr. I.R. Vijay S. Rao, Research Lead (Principal Director), Technology Incubation Group, LTIMindtree Ltd. Netherlands delved into the emerging trends and research arena of Internet of Things (IoT).

Dr.H.C. Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT delivered the welcome address. Dr. Nalini N, Professor in CSE, Program Chair, ERCICAM 2024 delivered an introductory address on ERCICAM 2024. Dr. Parameshachari B.D, Associate Dean R&D, ECE dept rendered the vote of thanks. Prof N R Shetty, Chief Advisor of NMIT and Former VC of Bangalore University, delivered the Presidential address. Dr V Sridhar, Dean- Academics, Dr Srikanth R – HOD-MCA, Dr Piyush Kumar Pareek- HOD of AI and ML Dept, and Dr J. Sudheer Reddy, Dean – International Relations were present during the event as well.

NMIT’s ERCICAM stayed true to its word of being a platform for researchers, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to come together and discuss the latest trends and developments in emerging technologies. The event was a testament to the growing importance of these fields, and we look forward to seeing what new breakthroughs and innovations will emerge in the coming years.

Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Partners with AquaKraft Group Ventures

Mumbai, 15th February 2024 : Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Private Limited ( company Headquartered in Chennai – India and part of diversified global business conglomerate Murugappa Group today announced a strategic Water Sustainability Partnership with AquaKraft Group Ventures ( ) to address the growing demand for sustainable water solutions.

The partnership aims to offer integrated solutions in water desalination and recovery and will leverage the technological innovations, expertise, and extensive experience of both partners. The initial geographical focus will be the Middle East eventually spanning out to other parts of the globe.

Speaking on the occasion Jayateerth Nadgir, Chief Executive, Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Pvt Ltd (MWTS) said “We are very excited with our partnership with AquaKraft as our vision is congruent towards R&D (Revolutionizing & Disrupting) the water & energy sustainability space by providing sustainable water solutions across stakeholders. At the same time, our innovations complement each other seamlessly providing a one-stop shop for water sustainability and stewardship. MWTS has diverse business verticals from traditional EPC, Chemicals, O&M and Products but deeply engaged in a Transformative approach to SOLVE the UNSOLVED with NATURE RESTORATIVE approach, MWTS continues to be the leading solution provider to have launched/partnered with global startup-ecosystem in Water sustainability, MWTS uses the 4 ACES approach A- Automation, C-Chemistry, E- Engineering, S-Services. Further on, our customers will be incentivized with AquaKredits on AquaKraft’s digital innovation, AqVerium – the World’s 1st Digital Water Bank making the proposition unique and bankable. We are grateful to Dr Subramanya Kusnur, Water Man of India, for his inspired leadership and look forward to creating long-term impact together.”

AquaKraft Group Ventures ( ), a sustainability and impact group, focused on providing actionable solutions on the ground in the area of drinking water and sanitation. AquaKraft has innovated technologies for drinking water, sewage treatment & recycling & biodigesters for sanitation, all of them which are energy efficient, green, sustainable & Water+ve. AquaKraft has been advocating sustainability since its inception in 2010 and has treated 9 billion+ litres, recycled 34 billion+ litres, harvested & saved 115 trillion+ litres of water and implemented over 9000 water +ve bio-toilets across India. AquaKraft’s focus is to be a global leader in this socio-commercial enterprise space while staying committed to its mission of providing clean water to all at their affordability index and a clean sanitation methodology that will aid in arresting the spread of disease and provide a basic human need in dignity. AqVerium( ) – The World’s 1st Digital Water bank is a significant innovation by AquaKraft to provide a first-of-its-kind platform to report and monitor water use & efficiency and incentivise good behaviour in Water with AquaKredits. The platform also offers offset of AquaKredits and a Water Sustainability Score for branding sustainability. AquaKraft is now ready for launch in international markets across the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia.

“MWTS & AquaKraft has been at the forefront of advocating sustainability much before the advent of UN SDGs and it forms an integral part of our ethos and business philosophy. Our partnership aligns with our joint ethos and philosophy as they strongly exemplify the same. The focus of our partnership is to provide green solutions that are climate-friendly and environmentally conscious. Having innovated and implemented our vision across the length and breadth of India has given us a strong understanding of key success parameters and the recipe to make the world water +ve. According to the research report “Middle East & Africa Water Desalination Market Research Report, 2029” published by Actual Market Research, the Middle East & Africa Water Desalination Market is expected to reach a market size of more than USD 17 billion by 2029 and our partnership is well poised to address a majority of the same.” Said Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder Chairman & CEO, AquaKraft Group Ventures.

Driven by Data: Fueling EVs

Imagine a world where the hum of engines and the smell of exhaust are things of the past. That’s the future electric vehicles (EVs) promise us. As it stands, our roads contribute about 12% of global carbon emissions, but the rise of EVs is key to turning this around and making transportation cleaner and greener.

But, to accelerate EV adoption, the sector needs to leverage a new type of fuel altogether: data.

EVs are game changers for infrastructure around the globe. With their growing numbers, they’re reshaping everything from city layouts to how we manage our electricity supply. The shift to EVs brings new challenges for our power grids and the need for innovative infrastructure to keep them running.

Here’s how data can help meet those challenges:


The central challenge that data can solve boils down like this: Lots of people tend to charge their EVs at the same time, placing sizable strain on electricity grids. But there are also periods when few people are charging their cars, meaning there is excess capacity in the grid. Is there a way to shift EV owners’ behaviors so they charge during times of lower demand?

“Intelligent EV charging is becoming a big area,” said IEEE Senior Member Kyri Baker. “Charging EVs at high power rates can strain infrastructure like transformers, so smart scheduling of charging can help extend the lifespan of these components.”

By looking at how customers have used power in the past, it’s possible to make the distribution of electricity – especially for charging things – more efficient. By figuring out the busiest times and places for electricity use, the people running the power grid can spread out the power usage better. This way, they can avoid overloading the system, save on energy costs, and make the whole network run smoother.

Knowing how much battery power an EV has left is super useful, not just to individual drivers, but to all their fellow drivers on the road. That information, sometimes referred to as the vehicle’s state of charge, can tell an individual motorist how far they can go before they need to refuel. By collecting and analyzing state-of-charge data for many vehicles, a driver can know the best charging station to use to avoid a wait. And builders would also be able to use the data to understand the best place to build new charging stations.

“By analyzing the historical data of electric vehicle charging station use, like time of day, day of the week, seasonal variations, etc., it is possible to understand where the demand is high,” said IEEE Senior Member Marcio Andrey Teixeira. “The behavior of the data is another important factor because it provides insights like preferred charging times and popular routes. This information helps in the optimization of the placement of charging stations along frequently traveled routes.”

Learn more: Electric vehicles are here to stay, according to an editorial from IEEE Power & Energy Magazine. This means that the distribution grid and its stakeholders need to ensure that EVs and the grid work together. The Nov.-Dec. 2023 issue devotes numerous articles to the challenges of integrating EVs.

Protean eGov Technologies unveils a new campaign ChangeIsGrowth

14th October 2023 Protean eGov Technologies Limited (formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited), a pioneer and technology leader in creating Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and population-scale e-governance solutions unveiled its first ever 360° brand campaign titled ‘Change is Growth’ today.

The campaign is the company’s first attempt to create awareness of Brand Protean after its rebranding from NSDL e-Gov Infrastructure Limited two years ago. The campaign further attempts to highlight Protean’s leadership position in digital public infrastructure and reg-tech space, showcasing Protean’s impact in its 28-year-long dedication to pioneering innovation in this field.

Speaking about the campaign, Gaurav Ramdev, Chief Marketing Officer, Protean eGov Technologies said, “We are thrilled to launch Protean’s 360-degree campaign. Protean has been at the forefront of creating Digital Public Infrastructure for India in the last 28 years, and we continue to stay committed to our mission of financial & social inclusion. Through this campaign, we hope to deliver mass awareness for the brand and reaffirm our commitment of driving transformative change for a billion people. Our endeavors such as Pan Card processing, National Pension Scheme (NPS), Founding partner to ONDC, and regulatory tech services like E-sign, E-KYC, and E-Authentication services, among others stand as examples of our dedication to contribute toward the digital infrastructure landscape.”

Conceptualized and developed by Ogilvy, the campaign conveys how initiating positive change can lead to a better transformation. “Change is Growth” is a visually captivating TV film that embarks on a transformative journey, symbolizing the power of change. The campaign’s centerpiece is a sixty-second TV commercial showcasing India’s DPI transformation. Starting in a cluttered office, a rolling glass paperweight that transforms itself into a giant digital ball symbolizes change, transforming the setting into a digital landscape, symbolizing progress. The message, “What happens when you set change in motion?…Everything changes,” emphasizes the campaign’s core. The new Protean logo, evolving from the NSDL eGovernance Infrastructure logo, embodies the brand’s new identity.

To watch the campaign TVC, click here

Speaking about the film, Piyush Pandey, Chief Advisor, Ogilvy said “India is admired today as a country that is transforming itself into a digitally empowered society at great speed and scale. It gives us great pride to partner Protean, formerly known as NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited. The impact they have had has transformed people’s lives and businesses, empowering them digitally. This campaign celebrates the contribution that Protean has made to bring about a positive ‘Change’ in so many aspects of every Indian’s life. It is a brand that we should all know and be proud of and it has been our privilege to bring Protean’s contribution to life in this campaign.”

Protean is popular for its e-governance capabilities that have enabled national transformation in the spaces of taxation (PAN and TIN), social security (NPS and APY) and national identity (Aadhaar). It has expanded its services to the ONDC network and Account Aggregator ecosystem and also forayed into providing cloud and Infosec solutions for businesses.

4 tech lead fundraising platforms to look out for your Startup

Crowdfunding is a vital fundraising method for startups, offering access to capital from a diverse pool of backers via online platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It enables entrepreneurs to validate their ideas, build a community of early supporters, and secure initial funding without relying solely on traditional investors. By tapping into the collective power of the crowd, startups can gather valuable feedback, generate buzz, and raise the capital needed to kickstart their ventures. This democratized funding approach has revolutionized the startup landscape, fostering innovation and leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs who might otherwise struggle to secure financing. Some of the leading platforms helping brands to raise funds are mentioned in the story.

Impact Guru

Impact Guru is a donation based crowdfunding platform for NGOs, social enterprises, startups and individuals. Impact Guru has mobilized ₹150 crore (US$19 million)for various NGOs and social enterprises in more than 15 countries.


Founded by Vittal Ramakrishna and Neelendra Nath in 2022, POD is a full-stack fundraising platform in the making and is working towards building an ecosystem that makes startup fundraising seamless and transparent, in addition to providing retail investors the opportunity to invest in promising startup deals.

Tyke Investment

Tyke invest strives to make the investment space more inclusive by granting retail investors access to opportunities that were previously available only to a very small portion of the population. Lower minimums provide a broader section of the population an opportunity to participate. At the same time,they want to make it easier for founders to raise and create their own community of engaged users.

Lets Venture

Let’s Venture was conceptualized in 2013, on a simple premise – to make fundraising & investing easier for start-ups and investors respectively.

Today they are poised to scale private markets on a global level and aim to build the world’s largest ecosystem for founders and investors.

CEO of Arahas Technology, Receives Top Rankers Excellence Award at the 23rd Edition National Management Summit 2023

CEO of Arahas Technology

New Delhi, 20th September 2023: Saurabh Rai, the Chief Executive Officer of Arahas Technologies, has been honored with the EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP award in GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGY & DATA ANALYTICS at the prestigious 23rd Edition National Management Summit 2023. This recognition acknowledges his outstanding contributions to the field and his role in harnessing future-ready enterprises for quantum growth and global leadership.

Reflecting on this achievement, Saurabh Rai stated, “I am deeply honored to receive the EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP award at the 23rd Edition National Management Summit. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire Arahas Technologies team. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of geospatial technology and data analytics to drive innovation and growth in our industry.”

The Top Rankers Excellence Awards, organized by the Top Rankers Management Club in association with Top Rankers Management Consultants, celebrate exceptional leaders and their contributions to various industries. The event was generously sponsored by GAIL, IFFCO, Organic Wellness, Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited, Hughes Systique, MOIL, and Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.

Dr. Gopichand Katragadda to take over as first Indian president of international body, the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Dr Gopichand Katragadda,

Bangalore, 16th September 2023: Dr Gopichand Katragadda, Founder and CEO of Myelin Foundry, has been appointed as the 142nd President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), an international professional engineering institution. He will be the first Indian in the history of the IET to assume this role, including the first Indian to assume the presidency of a global engineering body.

Dr. Gopichand will assume office from 1 October 2023, taking over the role from Prof. Bob Cryan CBE, Vice Chancellor and CEO of the University of Huddersfield. Prior to him, the IET was led by prominent leaders in the industry, such as Sir Robin Saxby, Founder and Ex-CEO, ARM Holdings and Naomi Climer CBE, former Vice-President of Sony Professional Solutions Europe and co-Founder and co-Chair of the Institute of Work.

“The influence and impact of the IET has grown significantly over the past few years, with our past presidents leaving a fantastic legacy of determination and expert leadership. It is indeed a momentous occasion to have Dr Gopichand Katragadda taking over the reins as a highly respected thought-leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and our first Indian president. With an illustrious career to his credit, I am certain that he will play a key role in steering the IET towards our vision of engineering a better world,” said Ed Almond, Chief Executive and Secretary, The IET.

A seasoned technologist and executive leader, Dr. Gopichand Katragadda is the Founder of Myelin Foundry, an AI company with a vision to transform human experiences and industry outcomes. He is also an Independent Director of Bosch India Limited and ICICI Securities.

Until January 2019, Dr Gopichand was the Group Chief Technology Officer and Innovation Head of Tata Sons. At Tata Sons, he facilitated the development of pioneering products and services, strategic technology collaboration, and innovation across the $100 Billion Tata Group. He also set up and managed the ongoing Tata research collaborations with Harvard and Yale.

India has been taking several strides towards establishing its prowess and competence at a global scale, with the G20 presidency being the most significant marker of the same. The country pioneered an inclusive and solution-oriented model of diplomacy that set a great example for global collaboration. With aspects like sustainability and women-led development being key parts of India’s agency, the country has modeled an impact-first approach for the rest of the world. In this context, Dr Katragadda’s presidency is sure to follow the same example and ensure global progress towards driving engineering excellence for social impact.

With several other achievements to India’s credit such as Rishi Sunak being elected as UK’s first Indian Prime Minister, Vivek Ramaswamy becoming a US presidential candidate and Sundar Pichai being appointed as Google CEO, Dr. Katragadda’s appointment to this role further solidifies India’s strong leadership acumen and global prowess.

“We are delighted to witness Dr Gopichand Katragadda make history by being the first Indian to be leading The IET as its president. He is a true visionary in AI and technology innovation, and we are confident that his expert guidance will propel IET to new heights. Under his guidance, we anticipate a year filled with innovation, progress, and transformative change within the engineering community”, said Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India.

In his presidential year, Dr Gopichand will work closely with the IET to shape the organization’s directives and strategize the advancement of engineering and technology in society. He will represent the IET at various events and conferences, advocating for its interests in society. Dr Gopichand will also play a pivotal role in supporting the continuous professional development of IET members and participate in initiatives aimed at advancing innovation and research in the engineering community, especially in the AI space.

L&T Technology Services Launches Second Annual Digital Engineering Awards, in collaboration with ISG and CNBC TV-18

India, 16th September 2023 L&T Technology Services Limited (BSE: 540115, NSE: LTTS), a leading global digital engineering and R&D company, today announced the launch of the second-annual Digital Engineering Awards, in association with Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, and business news channel CNBC TV-18 in India.

The Digital Engineering Awards recognize and celebrate business and technology trailblazers who are crafting a smarter and more sustainable world through transformative ideas that leverage digital engineering.

Enterprises and their service providers are invited to submit nominations through October 5, with winners announced during a gala awards celebration on December 6 in Dallas, Tex., U.S.A. Enterprise award winners, selected by a global panel of industry experts, including representatives of ISG, will be named in nine categories – five team awards and four individual awards:

Engineering the Change Team Awards

  • · Digital Transformation of the Year
  • · Top Sustainability Initiative
  • · Digital Engineering Program of the Year
  • · Engineering Product of the Year
  • · Value Realization

Engineering at Heart Individual Awards

  • · Distinguished Digital Engineer
  • · Digital Engineer of the Year
  • · Woman Engineer of the Year
  • · Innovator of the Year

The inaugural Digital Engineering Awards gala was held last year in Jersey City, N.J., United States, with 120 nominees, including over 70 industry-leading global enterprises, in attendance. Winners, both individual engineers and teams, included representatives from Airbus, American Honda Motor Co., Inc./ Honda Marine, Chevron, ExxonMobil, GE Healthcare, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, and Qualcomm Technologies.

Mr. Amit Chadha

Remarking on the occasion, Mr. Amit Chadha, CEO and Managing Director at L&T Technology Services said, “We take immense pride in having witnessed the tremendous success of the maiden Digital Engineering Awards, which celebrated disruptive innovations across a broad spectrum of deep technologies, spanning automotive, aerospace, industrial products, telecom, plant engineering, and medical devices. As we persist in our unwavering commitment to engineering research and development, aiming to shape a future enabled by engineering marvels, we are eager to extend our endeavors in spotlighting extraordinary innovation and leadership that spearheads transformation towards a sustainable, digitally empowered tomorrow.”

“Digital engineering is the fabric that connects all facets of the digital world and makes future innovations possible,” said Michael P. Connors, Chairman and CEO of ISG. “Following the great success of the inaugural Digital Engineering Awards, we are delighted once again to collaborate with L&T Technology Services and CNBC-TV18 to recognize the outstanding work of individuals and teams whose groundbreaking innovations will shape the digital landscape for years to come.”

“The Digital Engineering Awards have a key role to play in celebrating the new-age digital solutions that are driving immense growth in the ER&D sector. Our role as media partner with L&T Technology Services aligns perfectly with the long-standing objective of our brands – CNBC-TV18 and Moneycontrol – to educate audiences about innovations and developments in the worlds of technology and business”, said S. Shivakumar: President, News18 Studios.

Over 200 global technology leaders take the stage to share their invaluable insights at BTS 2023

Over 200 global technology

Hyderabad/Bengaluru, 29th August 2023: The 26th edition of the Bengaluru Tech Summit is set to surpass all expectations with an unparalleled scale and an unprecedented level of global participation. This summit is an extraordinary event that will redefine the boundaries of technology and innovation is scheduled to take place take place at the iconic Bangalore Palace from November 29th to December 1st, 2023. Today, Shri Priyank Kharge, the Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development, and Panchayat Raj, IT & Bt, Government of Karnataka, announced during his address at the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Partners meeting.

The GIA Partners meet was graced by distinguished personalities, including

Dr. Ekroop Caur, IAS, Secretary to Government, Department of Electronics, Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka and Shri Darshan H.V, IAS, Director, Dept. of Electronics, IT, Bt, and Managing Director, KITS, Govt. of Karnataka. A detailed event presentation was made by Shri Jagdish Patankar, Executive Chairman of MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications, and the Event Curators, encompassing all relevant information about the event.

BTS 2022 marked an incredible success with a record-breaking number of participants, including 405 Speakers, 9356 Delegates, 585 Exhibitors, 25,738 Registered Visitors, over 50,000 Expo footfalls, and 104 Biotech posters. Over the years, the Bengaluru Tech Summit has consistently drawn substantial participation from GIA partners. In the previous edition, the event saw a remarkable presence with representatives from 30 countries. Among them, 17 countries organized engaging GIA sessions, featuring a diverse panel of 104 speakers. Additionally, BTS 2022 was graced by esteemed ministerial delegations from Australia, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates, along with active involvement from Ambassadors representing seven countries.

Building upon the remarkable success of the previous year, BTS 2023 eagerly awaits the presence of esteemed high-level government and industry delegations from renowned tech nations. Today, the GIA Partners meeting was held to formally inaugurate and recognize the participation of Global Innovation Alliance Partners for the Summit. The event witnessed the attendance of representatives from over 16 countries, and Consul Generals / Deputy Consul Generals from Australia, France, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, and the Netherlands shared their remarks. During the meeting, representatives provided insights into the expected participation from their respective countries at BTS 2023 and highlighted potential speakers for the event. It is noteworthy that countries such as Italy, Peru, and Spain will participate in this precursor event to BTS for the very first time in its history, adding to the anticipation and international collaboration.

Global Innovation Alliance Partner countries are expected to participate in the following ways:

  • Participation from high-level government and industry delegation
  • GIA partners conducting knowledge sessions as part of the GIA track
  • Speakers providing remarks in other sessions
  • Plenary/keynote sessions by renowned tech and innovation experts
  • Experience centers where countries can showcase the latest innovations in technology
  • Startup booth for showcasing their products and innovation

The India-USA Tech Conclave’s 3rd edition has been officially announced by the US India Business Council (USIBC). On the exciting ties of AI i.e America and India this year’s conclave will highlight the advancements in emerging technologies in IT and HealthTech. As two of the largest democracies in the world, the United States and India will explore and delve into these areas during the course of BTS 2023, fostering exciting collaborations and discussions. The key themes of the India-USA Tech Conclave will align with roadmap announced by the Heads of the two States on enhanced cooperation on technology on many fronts. Some of the focus areas are Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductor, Quantum Computing, Space Tech, Digital Health, E-commerce and 6G.

Prepare to witness Asia’s Largest Tech EventBengaluru Tech Summit 2023, featuring a diverse and enriching Event Spectrum. The summit encompasses a Multi-Track Conference on IT & Electronics, Deep Tech, Start-Ups & Biotech, an International Exhibition, the Global Innovation Alliance, the India-USA Tech Conclave, the India Innovation Alliance, R&D-Lab2Market, B2B Meetings, STPI IT Export Awards, Smart Bio Awards, Unicorns Felicitation, Rural IT Quiz, Bio Quiz, and Bio Posters.

BTS 2023 is positioned at a critical intersection, where the brightest minds from the Startup Community, pioneering Research labs, SMEs, leading Corporations, and Industries will converge. Together, they will showcase the rapid advancements in IT and DeepTech, the Metaverse and WEB 3.0, Electronics and Semiconductors, Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Telecom, and 6G, as well as Biotech and Health tech. This grand gathering promises to push the boundaries of innovation and technology, creating a vibrant platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among visionary minds.