5 non-profit organizations working towards the betterment of the education ecosystem

5 non-profit organizations working towards the betterment of the education ecosystem

Quality education is vital to improving the environment and life of individuals in any society. In India, several non-profit organizations have been working towards contributing to a better education ecosystem. This listicle focuses on the five top non-profit organizations in India that are making strides towards making education accessible and equitable for all.

1. Educate Girls: Founded in 2007, Educate Girls is an NGO that works with the government and villages to ensure that girls are in school and learning well. It leverages data and behavioral change and brings deep community engagement to enable holistic change at a large scale. Working Out of Rajasthan, they have reached out to over 700000 girls and enabled them to get quality education.

2. Consortium of Technical Education: The Consortium of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu focuses on improving the quality of technical education in engineering colleges in the state. Launched in 2018, the organization works towards providing infrastructure, faculty development, student development, and other resources in its partner colleges. The core aim is to help engineering students become technically sound and also employable. The organization also works to create awareness among students so that they can make informed decisions while choosing a career. They also provide training to faculty members, to make sure that they can learn the latest educational trends and developments.

3. Azim Premji Foundation: Founded in 2001, the Azim Premji Foundation works in 26 of India’s 29 states and Union Territories supporting educational transformation at the school level and for teacher education. They work towards improving the schools’ overall quality by focusing on innovative support systems, educational resources, data-driven assessments, and many other initiatives.

4. The Learning Curve: A not-for-profit organization that works to raise the quality of education in India by improving resources in public schools and making education more equitable for all children. The their efforts, they construct and renovate classrooms, build libraries, install e-learning infrastructure, and equip schools with tools for interactive learning.

5. Pratham: One of India’s largest non-profit organizations working towards improving the quality of education for children across various states in India. Pratham works in collaboration with the government and local communities to develop public school systems, as well as teaching and learning materials that support holistic child development.

6. Mumbai Mobile Creches: Founded in 1969, the organization works towards providing safe, quality learning opportunities for children of urban migrant workers. It uses community-generated resources, such as bamboo, to set up mobile and stationary creches every day on the city’s pavements, slums, and construction sites. Mumbai Mobile Creches has also developed a unique curriculum with regular parent engagement initiatives for its little learners.