BVM Global School & Propeller Technologies to bring aviation extravaganza to Trichy

BVM Global School & Propeller Technologies to bring aviation extravaganza to Trichy

Trichy, 20th February 2024: Get ready to witness the skies come alive as Propeller Technologies, in collaboration with BVM Global School, presents a thrilling air show on February 24th, 2024, from 12.30 pm. This dynamic event, to be held at Morais City near Trichy airport, promises to ignite the passion for aviation in young minds, offering a front-row seat to the mesmerizing world of miniature flights.

The air show promises a diverse lineup of models, ensuring a visual feast for the students. From miniature models of Control Line aircraft and trainer Model Aircraft to Helicopters, Glider Aircraft, Ornithopters, and 3D aircraft, the event will showcase the full spectrum of aerodynamic wonders, illustrating the intersection of science, engineering, and technology in aviation.

Mr. Subramanyam Kantheti, CEO of Veranda K-12, which manages BVM Global Schools, said, “At BVM Global School, we believe in providing holistic learning experiences. This air show is an exciting blend of entertainment and education, offering our students a unique chance to witness the marvels of aviation in a lively and engaging atmosphere. We would want our students at BVM Global School to be inspired and embark on a journey of innovation, potentially creating their own miniature aircraft in the future.”

Mr. Aashik Rahman, Founder & CEO of Propeller Technologies, expresses his excitement, saying, “We’re on a mission to turn dreams into flight. This air show is an embodiment of our commitment to inspire the future aviators, engineers, and innovators of Trichy. These miniature aircrafts, showcased at the event, have been built by our own students at Propeller Technologies, highlighting the creativity and innovation within our community.”

Mr. Subramanyam further emphasized the impact of such events on students, stating, “Experiences like these go beyond textbooks, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of our students. We believe that witnessing the magic of aviation at a young age can inspire future leaders and innovators.”

Mr. Rahman went on to point out, “These models are a journey into the possibilities of the future. We want these young minds to look up and dream big, to see the potential that lies within the realms of science and technology.”