Canadian International School, Bangalore Celebrates 13th Annual Terry Fox Run

Canadian International School, Bangalore Celebrates 13th Annual Terry Fox Run

Canadian International School,

Bangalore25th September 2023– On a vibrant Saturday morning, the Canadian International School, Bangalore, joined hands with Cytecare Cancer Hospitals to host the 13th Annual Terry Fox Run, a remarkable event that brought together students, families, and the community at large to foster a spirit of unity, raise awareness about cancer research, and emphasize the pressing need to find a cure.

The Terry Fox Run is an event deeply ingrained in the ethos of Canadian International School, Bangalore, as it embodies their vision of nurturing, challenging, and empowering their students and larger community. Year after year, the school takes pride in organizing this run that not only honours the legacy of Terry Fox but also underscores the importance of pushing past physical challenges. This year, the event was marked by an overwhelming turnout of students, parents, teachers, and residents of Bangalore, all converging at the school’s campus with an unbridled enthusiasm to make a difference. The atmosphere was electric as more than 600 participants of all ages laced up their running shoes and took to the run route.

“The crucial issue is about finding treatments and cures for cancer. Cancer touches every community, including CIS. We are incredibly thankful for our continued support from Cytecare Cancer Hospitals who has treated a number of our staff as well as sponsoring this year’s TFR again,” said Dr. Ted Mockrish, Head of School.

Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the immense support from the school community and partners like Cytecare Cancer Hospitals. She said, “The Terry Fox Run has always been a symbol of our commitment to community service and raising awareness about crucial issues. This year, our collaboration with Cytecare Cancer Hospitals adds a significant dimension, as we stand together in the fight against cancer. It’s awe-inspiring to witness the spirit of our students, who exemplify perseverance and resilience in pushing past their own limits to support this noble cause.”

The event aimed not only to raise awareness about cancer research but also to raise funds for the cause. Through generous donations from participants, as well as corporate sponsors, the 13th Annual Terry Fox Run managed to make a substantial contribution to cancer research initiatives here in India. This year’s fundraising efforts have exceeded the goal of 2 lakh rupees! In total, CIS has helped raise over 17 lakh rupees towards cancer research for the Terry Fox Foundation.

The 13th Annual Terry Fox Run at Canadian International School, Bangalore, concluded with a heartwarming sense of achievement and unity. It served as a reminder that, just like Terry Fox did during his Marathon of Hope, we can overcome obstacles and create a better future when we come together for a common cause.