ChefTzac’s DoingGoodThroughFood Anniversary Campaign Supports Tamarind Tree School for Tribal Children with The Locavore

ChefTzac’s DoingGoodThroughFood Anniversary Campaign Supports Tamarind Tree School for Tribal Children with The Locavore

ThroughFood Anniversary Campaign S

4th April 2024, Nationwide: Chef Thomas Zacharias or ChefTZac, represented by OML (Only Much Louder), is the founder of The Locavore, a community dedicated to ‘Doing Good Through Food’ through volunteer-driven social impact projects. This month, The Locavore has launched its anniversary fundraising campaign #DoingGoodThroughFood through which funds will be directed towards the Tamarind Tree School kitchen’s annual expenses of 10 lakhs, covering student meals for a year. The team has already raised more than 6 Lakhs and is aiming for even more significant contributions.

Driven by a vision to create a meaningful impact on the Indian food system, ChefTZac founded The Locavore. Here, he emerges not only as a chef but also as a visionary, connecting people and food, cultivating awareness around sustainability, and empowering individuals to be agents of positive change through their food choices.

Nestled in the tribal village of Dahanu, Maharashtra, Tamarind Tree School is a technology-driven English medium school and a beacon of open-access education and knowledge for the local Adivasi community. The Tamarind Tree kitchen, mirroring most of The Locavore’s ethos, serves as a classroom where students receive nutritious meals and engage in a dynamic culinary curriculum. The school places a strong emphasis on fostering literacy and appreciation for diverse food cultures and empowering students, particularly those from the Warli tribal community, who are also first-generation learners. Besides, students get to interact with the daily menu which enhances their reading abilities. They are also encouraged to express their food preferences, nurturing not only their language skills but also cultivating a sense of agency and importance in their opinions on food – which perfectly aligns with The Locavore’s commitment to sustainable food choices and community support.

Chef Thomas Zacharias, the vision behind The Locavore, said, “We believe that food transcends mere sustenance to become a conduit for education, cultural exchange, and empowerment. The Locavore is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the Indian food system through impactful projects. Through initiatives like The Locavore’s anniversary campaign, we endeavor to foster curiosity, celebrate diverse culinary cultures, and establish the framework for informed, health-conscious food decisions for future generations. Investing in the future of young minds is pivotal for fostering a more equitable and sustainable world, where knowledge and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.”

As a part of this fundraising initiative, The Locavore is inviting people all across India to participate in the #DoingGoodThroughFood anniversary campaign for the Tamarind Tree kitchen as The Locavore enters its second year of encouraging action via food. Supporters can donate, and volunteer their time and skills, and all contributors supporting this cause will stand the chance to win a spot on the Locavore’s #DoingGoodThroughFood Anniversary Day Trip to Tamarind Tree School on 6th April. Participants can also gain firsthand insight into the impact of their support during this immersive program, culminating in a skill-sharing and networking workshop.

Thus, leading the charge in transforming India’s food landscape towards a more sustainable and responsible future for all, through his culinary adventures, ChefTZac directs The Locavore in embracing a conscious approach to food consumption, production, and appreciation, championing mindful eating, meaningful storytelling, and purpose-driven community building.

Campaign details:

Date: 6th April, 2024

Venue: Tamarind Tree School, Dahanu, Maharashtra



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