City School embarks on DEAR a novel initiative to cultivate book reading culture among pre-primary & primary* students

City School embarks on DEAR a novel initiative to cultivate book reading culture among pre-primary & primary* students

City School embarks

Hyderabad, 12th April 2024 …….. DEAR-Drop Everything And Read, a unique program to cultivate the habit of reading, particularly among pre-primary *& primary* kids announced by a city school, St. Peter’s High School.

In a press note issued in Hyderabad on Thursday, Dr. K. Suvarna, Principal of the Bowenpally-based school said the initiative is planned for 13th April Saturday at 8.30 am for about an hour. This will be held for the kids of Nursery till ~3rd~ 5th class.

We have invited the entire strength of class Nursery to ~3rd~ 5th which is about 800+, out of which we expect 200 + kids and parents to turn up for this unique initiative, Dr Suvarna added.

This is an initiative to enable children to read books along with their parents. For this purpose, the entire school campus will be turned into a reading zone. *Theme-based reading corners are being set up*, where kids will read books along with their parents, added Mr. T. Alphonse Reddy, Correspondent of the school.

The school also has another distinction of having ‘Reading’ as a subject *in its academic curriculum*. A dedicated period is kept for *Nursery to Class III* to read the choice of their book or literature during the hour.

Reading is important because it develops the mind and gives knowledge and lessons of life. But, reading habit is slowly and steadily decreasing. Technology is impacting how we read and write. With smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, children have become ‘screenagers'(using mobile, tablet, PC, Laptop, OTT, TV, Cinema and many other such screens). It is no big surprise that kids of the day read more digitally. This shift in reading habits has prompted much discussion about the future of book reading. In this light of background, the school which is known for innovative initiatives like this in the past has come out with DEAR-Drop Everything And Read initiative. This is a novel initiative launched probably for the first time in the country.

St. Peter’s High School, Bowenally, Hyderabad is probably the first of its kind school in India to come up with such a bold initiative and introduce “Reading” as a subject, said Mr T. Alphonse Reddy, Correspondent.

It is an initiative with multiple objectives. The idea behind this initiative is to de-addict kids using devices extensively, increase family bonding, and encourage parents to spend at least 15 minutes a day reading together with their kid/s.

Reading should be made a compulsory subject in school says Dr Suvarna. Reading not only improves grades and academic performance but also nurtures kids to become good citizens, informs Dr Suvarna.

How will reading as a subject work? Dr Suvarna says the research shows that kids need help to read independently and with pleasure, which will lower the role of the teachers in the primary teaching setup.