ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Organised Life Beyond Ophthalmology at AIOC Conference 2023

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Organised Life Beyond Ophthalmology at AIOC Conference 2023

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Organised

New Delhi,19th May 2023 ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company in India specialising in eye care, took the initiative to organise the cultural extravaganza LBO “Dhamaal” as part of the 81st All India Ophthalmological Conference (AIOC) 2023. The event served as a highlight of the conference that took place in Kochi at the esteemed Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre, located within the luxurious Grand Hyatt in Kochi.

Leveraging the talents and passions of over 8000 eye doctors in India, LBO (Life Beyond Ophthalmology) is a vibrant Facebook group that transcends the boundaries of their profession. Founded in 2019 by Dr Harshul Tak, a renowned eye surgeon from Jaipur, LBO has evolved from a modest gathering of 100 doctors to a thriving community. Not confining their talents to the digital realm, LBO also organizes physical shows at various ophthalmic medical conferences throughout India. Supporting and sponsoring this exceptional group is ENTOD Pharmaceuticals. Their exclusive partnership enables LBO to continue fostering creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community among eye doctors nationwide.

The captivating event brought together the finest talents of Indian ophthalmologists, dazzling the audience with a spectacular display of artistry and entertainment. This glamorous affair featured mesmerizing dance performances (solo and group), high-energy live bands, stunning painting displays and a breath-taking fashion show that left the audience in awe. The fashion show, curated by professional ramp choreographers, showcased the style and grace of eye doctors, complemented by the expertise of skilled makeup artists and renowned fashion designers.

“Dhamaal” showcased the vibrant cultural spirit and diverse talents of eye doctors, providing a platform for them to express their artistic prowess. ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, with its unwavering commitment to supporting the eye care community, takes pride in organising this cultural programme to enhance the conference experience and celebrate the multifaceted talents of ophthalmologists. We extend our gratitude to the more than 1500 eye doctors from across India who graced the event, making it a resounding success. We look forward to further collaborations and initiatives that enrich the lives of eye doctors and contribute to the advancement of ophthalmology” said Mr Nikkhil K Masurkar, Executive Director of ENTOD Pharmaceuticals.

This extraordinary event served as a grand showcase of the immense talents possessed by Indian eye doctors. The stage was set ablaze with their awe-inspiring performances, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. More than 1500 eye doctors from all corners of India graced the event, coming together to celebrate their shared passion for creativity and create unforgettable memories.

“We are thrilled to have witnessed the incredible cultural extravaganza ‘Dhamaal’ organised as part of the 81st All India Ophthalmological Conference. The success of ‘Dhamaal’ is a testament to the talent, passion and dedication of Indian ophthalmologists. We extend our sincere appreciation to ENTOD Pharmaceuticals for their dedicated efforts in organizing this cultural program, as well as their ongoing commitment to supporting the eye care community. The collaboration between ENTOD Pharmaceuticals and Life Beyond Ophthalmology (LBO) has fostered a sense of camaraderie and unity among ophthalmologists, further enriching the conference experience ” Dr. Harshul Tak, Director at Rawat Eye & Phaco Surgery Centre, Jaipur.