Greenwood High students come forward for a cause

Greenwood High students come forward for a cause


Bangalore, 15th December 2023 To spread the message of joy and happiness in the Christmas season, IB students and teachers from Greenwood High, Bannerghatta, visited the Sakalavara Government School recently. The purpose of the visit was to spread cheer by distributing gifts and essentials as well as to share the spirit of Christmas with the students of the local government school. The initiative aimed to bring smiles to the faces of the children and contribute positively to the school community during this special time of the year.

A variety of essential items including hygiene kits, and non-perishable food items were provided to support the school and its students beyond the holiday season. A lively and pleasurable atmosphere was created by the students’ performance of a tableau, their singing of Christmas carols, and their engagement in games such as Football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Fire on the Mountain, Hop Scotch and dancing. The students’ sense of happiness and camaraderie was enhanced by this interaction.

Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School, Bangalore, said: “Every year, we celebrate Christmas and the ‘Joy of Giving’ and this year too we celebrated the occasion. This initiative highlighted the importance of community engagement and also served as a reminder of the positive impact that small acts of kindness have on the lives of others, particularly during festive seasons. Our students as well as students of the government school were enthralled by the celebrations that witnessed many activities.”

It is important to integrate different sections of society and give the under-privileged space in the mainstream so that such students get to enjoy things that the better half of society enjoy. The ‘Joy of Giving’ is meant to fulfil the goal of an equal society.