HigherEd Connect by LeadSquared Encourages Education Innovation in Kolkata

HigherEd Connect by LeadSquared Encourages Education Innovation in Kolkata

Kolkata, India –13th February 2024 – LeadSquared, a sales and marketing automation platform recently hosted the anticipated HigherEd Connect event, which took place on February 3rd at the renowned Taj Vivanta in Kolkata. With influential decision-makers from educational institutions and universities in attendance, HigherEd Connect served as a pivotal platform for delving into crucial issues shaping the education sector.

The event provided deep insights into the future of education, from highlighting LeadSquared’s impactful journey in Kolkata to engaging discussions on the imperative of integrating new technology into educational practices. Central to the discussions was the panel session titled ‘The Future of Education: Innovation & Trends in Admissions,’ which shed light on the myriad challenges faced by educational institutions. From the influx of student inquiries to collecting and managing documents, educational bodies often find themselves overwhelmed and struggling to keep up.

As the volume of inquiries surges, institutes are left grappling with a significant count of prospects left untouched. The communication gap between counselors and prospective students further exacerbates the issue, leading to missed messages and promotional opportunities. This communication breakdown not only results in prolonged wait times for query resolution but also creates an unhappy first experience for learners.

LeadSquared addresses these pain points head-on. One of its standout features is the student self-serve portal, meticulously designed to simplify the cumbersome registration and document submission processes during admissions. Additionally, it’s educational WhatsApp bot, revolutionizing the way institutions interact with learners. This powerful tool enables educational bodies to seamlessly engage with students, swiftly collect necessary documents, address queries promptly, and even create personalized journeys for students, ensuring a smooth and delightful experience from the very beginning.

“HigherEd Connect examplifiesLeadSquared’s steadfast commitment to revolutionizing education through collaborative efforts, creativity, and unwavering quality. Positioned at the forefront, LeadSquared continues to guide educational institutions, enabling them to seamlessly navigate the challenges of the digital era, fostering adaptability, evolution, and prosperity in an ever-shifting landscape”, said Srinivas Shinde, Vice President – Education Business at LeadSquared.