KIIT World School marked “Earth Day”

KIIT World School marked “Earth Day”

KIIT World School observed Earth Day

Gurugram: KIIT World School observed Earth Day to remind pupils of their responsibilities to ‘Mother Nature.’ The “Go-Green” initiative was implemented as part of environmental education to engage the entire school community in creating a better, greener, and sustainable future. The school also hosted a workshop on recycling newspapers organized by Hindustan Times.

On the occasion of Earth Day, a myriad of activities were conducted in the classes. Pre-primary students dressed as earth, trees, and natural resources, and gave useful messages to protect the planet whereas students from third to sixth participated in poster-making and pot-decorating activities. Students also created several useful items using discarded items and waste materials, such as handbags from jeans fabric. Along with this, they participated in activities such as litter picking, planting saplings, and creating bird feeders. At the workshop, students were taught how to manufacture paper envelopes and griddle bags from old newspapers during the session, as well as the significance of these items.

Neelima Kamrah, Principal of KIIT World School, advised the students to conserve trees, preserve them, plant numerous plants and trees, and safeguard our flora, fauna, and wildlife. Further, she said, “KIIT World School has long been an environmentally conscious school, and we have always sought to include sustainable practices into our curriculum and surroundings. As we mark Earth Day, each student has been enlightened to the importance of protecting the environment and becoming responsible and conscious global citizens through numerous activities.”