KLH Hyderabad Campus Students Clinch Gold Medals in the 3rd National Fin Swimming Championship

KLH Hyderabad Campus Students Clinch Gold Medals in the 3rd National Fin Swimming Championship

KLH Hyderabad Campus Students

New Delhi,13th September 2023: KLH Hyderabad Campus of KL Deemed to be University is immensely proud to announce the outstanding achievements of its students in the field of sports. Twin brothers Y Charles Wesley and Y Charles Finney, students at the KLH Aziznagar campus have brought home four gold medals from the 3rd National Fin Swimming Championship held in Pune recently.

Wesley, who is a second-year B. Tech Computer Science student, bagged three gold medals in the 50-meter underwater, 100-meter, and 200-meter surface swimming events. Additionally, he won a bronze medal in the 50-meter surface swimming. His brother Finney, who is also pursuing a B. Tech program, secured a gold medal in the 400-meter bifins style event.

Both students hail from Andhra Pradesh and are recognized as child prodigies in sports. The twins draw their inspiration from their father, Y Nageswara Rao, who is a national champion in taekwondo. The young athletes have expressed their desire to represent India on international platforms and aim for participation in the Olympics. They believe that this accomplishment is just a stepping stone towards greater achievements.

The championship was organized by the Underwater Sports Federation of India, a non-profit charitable sports development organization. The event, held over three days, saw participation from more than 30 states, including union territories. The federation is committed to promoting underwater sports, specifically finswimming, scuba diving, lifesaving sports, among others, across various strata of society.

“Our university has always been a fertile ground for nurturing talents in academics as well as sports. The exceptional performance of Wesley and Finney is a testament to that, said Dr. G. Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice Chancellor of KL Deemed to be University. Their accomplishments not only add glory to our institution but also set a benchmark for what young minds are capable of achieving when provided with the right environment and support. Our aim is to empower sports students through financial and essential support while producing top-tier athletes from the university who can achieve laurels for the country at the national and international levels.”

The twins extend their gratitude toward the university and also express special thanks for the scholarship support they have received. ‘We are immensely grateful to our university and faculty for helping us find the perfect balance between our studies and sports. The scholarships we’ve received serve as financial support, helping us focus on excelling in both areas. This support and customized approach to our education allow us to do well in class and in the pool. Of course, we also owe a lot to our parents and academy; they are the guiding force that helps us achieve these milestones,’ said Wesley, speaking on behalf of the duo.”

Under the leadership of Management, Principal, Dr. A Ramakrishna along with the dedicated support from the sports coaches and faculty members, this campus ensure that its students receive an unparalleled combination of academic and athletic opportunities.

With these wins, the students have not only brought accolades to the University but also added another feather in the cap of Andhra Pradesh’s sporting achievements. Their triumph serves as an inspiration for other students to pursue excellence in sports along with their academics.