“Madhya Pradesh Boosts Study Abroad with Scholarships and Awareness”

“Madhya Pradesh Boosts Study Abroad with Scholarships and Awareness”

Boosts Study Abroad with  Scholarships

Indore, 26th February 2024:In recent years, Madhya Pradesh(MP) has witnessed a significant surge in the number of students expressing a keen interest in pursuing higher education abroad. The data from 2019 reveals that over 1200 Indian students from MP embarked on journeys for higher education overseas, and this number has experienced substantial growth in subsequent years.

ShrutiJadhav, Regional Advisor (South Asia), Rowan University, USA, said“The trend is not limited to any specific academic level, as both undergraduates and postgraduates are equally enthusiastic about studying abroad. Traditionally popular fields such as computer science and business continue to attract a considerable number of students. However, there is a noticeable shift towards unconventional career options, with increasing demand for courses in animation, psychology, and fashion designing.

Despite this surge in interest, there remains a lack of awareness among students in their early years of education regarding the opportunities and requirements for studying abroad. This knowledge gap sometimes leads to compromises in profile building due to insufficient time and a lack of expert guidance.

To address this issue, independent counsellors organise fairs that serve as a crucial platform for raising awareness among students. These fairs not only provide valuable information but also act as catalysts, fueling the enthusiasm of students who aspire to pursue education abroad.

The education landscape in MP has evolved, particularly in tier 2 cities, where schools now employ dedicated counsellors. These professionals play a pivotal role as game-changers by offering quality guidance to students, assisting them in identifying their best-fit universities. Additionally, some top-ranked schools have successfully implemented exchange programs for many years, contributing to the overall growth of study abroad initiatives.

While progress has been made, there is still ample scope for the expansion of summer study abroad programs. These programs could further enhance the global exposure and educational experiences for students in MP.

Madhya Pradesh government has also been contributing to the growth of study abroad since years and has announced scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.