Math Whiz Aaryan Shukla from DPS Nashik Achieves Guinness World Record

Math Whiz Aaryan Shukla from DPS Nashik Achieves Guinness World Record

Math Whiz Aaryan Shukla

Nashik, 3rd April, 2024….Aaryan Shukla, an eighth-grade student from Delhi Public School Nashik, created a Guinness World Record for the ‘fastest time to mentally add 50 five-digit numbers.’ Aaryan achieved this remarkable feat in only 25.19 seconds. He accomplished this amazing record on the Italian TV show, ‘Lo Show Dei Record’ in Milan, Italy on 29th February 2024.

Human Calculator Aaryan Shukla is one of the leading Mental Math athletes representing India in international competitions. He has been practicing Mental Math and Calculation since the age of 6 years.

Aaryan has an impressive track record of mental calculation. He won the title of ‘World Champion’ at the 2022 Mental Calculation World Cup held in Paderborn city of Germany, where he represented India among the top 40 human calculators from 20 countries worldwide. Despite being only 12 years old then, Aaryan’s precision and talent allowed him to clinch the coveted title of World Champion, surpassing competitors from across the globe.

At the young age of 8, Aaryan represented India at the ‘Memorial Turkey Open Championship – 2018’ held in Istanbul, Turkey. He won an impressive 10 medals, including 7 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze, and set 2 Kids World Records. To this day, Aaryan holds the record for winning the highest number of medals in a single competition at Memorial.

In addition to being the Mental Calculation World Champion, Aaryan is also a founding board member of the Global Mental Calculators Association (GMCA). The GMCA is a geographically diverse elite association of mental calculators worldwide, focused on expanding and strengthening mental calculation. Remarkably, Aaryan became a founding board member of this association at the young age of 13.

Mr. Siddharth Rajgarhia, Chief Learner, and Director of DPS Nashik expressed his joy and pride in Aaryan’s achievement, stating, “He has not only made us proud, but it’s also a moment of great pride for the nation. Congratulations to him.”

Aaryan’s journey to this historic accomplishment showcases his brilliance and the nurturing atmosphere provided by Delhi Public School Nashik. The school takes immense pride in fostering an environment where students can excel and realize their full potential across various fields of endeavor.

As Aaryan Shukla continues to carve his name in the history books of mathematical excellence, he stands as an inspiration to aspiring young minds worldwide. He demonstrates that with passion, dedication, and determination, the impossible can indeed become possible. Aaryan’s Guinness World Record highlights the remarkable capabilities of the human mind, showcasing the limitless possibilities within each individual.