Medhavi Skills University pioneers SHINE: Empowering Sikkimese youth for global careers

Medhavi Skills University pioneers SHINE: Empowering Sikkimese youth for global careers

Medhavi Skills University pioneers

Sikkim, 15th September 2023 Medhavi Skills University (MSU) inaugurated the Skill Hub for International Employment (SHINE) recently, at Manan Kendra, Sikkim, to empower the youth of Sikkim through international employment. The event, graced by the presence of, Chief Minister of Sikkim, Prem Singh Tamang, marks a significant milestone for the university and the state.

SHINE, a collaborative initiative between MSU and the Government of Sikkim, will facilitate in imparting skill integrated higher education and upskilling aligned to demand of the global workforce for the Sikkimese youth and prepare them for overseas mobility. The innovative endeavor aims to align the capabilities of youth from the state with the demands of the global workforce, providing them with the skills and knowledge essential for international employment.

Medhavi Skills University, in strategic partnership with employers and vocational institutions from countries like Germany, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines, will offer comprehensive training in foreign languages, cultural adaptation, and technical competencies tailored to specific employment fields. Upon completing their training, candidates will be well-prepared and eligible to join their preferred foreign employers.

Mr. Kuldeep Sharma, Co-Founder & Pro-Chancellor of Medhavi Skills University, expressed his enthusiasm stating, “Today, we celebrate a remarkable milestone at Medhavi Skills University with the unveiling of SHINE – the Skill Hub for International Employment. In the presence of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri. Prem Singh Tamang, we embark on a transformative journey of skill integrated higher education. SHINE, a testament to the unwavering collaboration between MSU and the Government of Sikkim, aims to equip the youth with skills and knowledge to thrive on the global stage. We’re here to open doors to international opportunities and illuminate the path to success. With boundless enthusiasm, we embrace this vision of making Sikkim a hub of higher education, where aspirations know no bounds.”

“The commitment and support extended by the Government of Sikkim to create this pathway for international opportunities is commendable, aligning perfectly with the vision of the hon’ble Chief minister to transform Sikkim into a hub of higher education,” added Mr. Sharma

The inauguration ceremony featured the virtual unveiling of the SHINE Project Centre in Sikun, East Sikkim, and the Medhavi Poly Diagnostic Centre in Topakhani, Singtam, aiming to provide affordable medical testing facilities to the residents of Sikkim.

The event also hosted prominent industry and organizational partners of Medhavi Skills University from India and abroad, along with eminent dignitaries from the state. Distinguished guests, including Mr. Holger Lange, Founder of People 2 Help (Germany); Ms. Takako Oshibuchi, CEO of NAVIS – HR (Japan); Mr. Rajeev Sharma, AVP – Skill Development at JBM Group; and Mr. Muhammed Abdussalam, Chairman and MD of Safa & KTB Group, and IGJ, a Center of Excellence for Gems & Jewellery in India, were present to endorse the cause of youth development through skill-integrated higher education.

The event’s highlight was the Skills to Success Exhibition, organized by students, staff, industry partners, and sectoral experts of MSU. The exhibition showcased the transformative power of various skills in human life and society. It attracted students and educators from various schools, colleges, and universities across Sikkim, eager to explore the possibilities offered by the SHINE initiative.