Monash College and Microsoft’s Future Skills Initiative Shapes Tech Education with Innovative AI Collaboration

Monash College and Microsoft’s Future Skills Initiative Shapes Tech Education with Innovative AI Collaboration

4th May 2024: Future Skills Monash College has today announced a unique collaboration with Microsoft, which will deliver a fresh new approach to technology education and industry partnership in Australia.

With Microsoft’s AI learning content, certifications, and expertise integrated into Monash College’s Future Skills programs, students will benefit from industry-relevant education, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the technology sector.

The initiative will not only elevate the standard of AI education but also offer an extensive suite of Microsoft certifications and badges. Monash College CEO Jo Mithen said these credentials provide tangible, industry-recognized qualifications, empowering individuals to advance their careers in AI and technology.

“Monash College is proud to partner with Microsoft in pioneering AI-driven solutions that redefine the educational landscape. Together, we’re not just shaping the future; we’re defining it,” said Ms Mithen.

“At Monash College, we’re equipping our students with the skills Australia’s and Victoria’s economy needs, and part of that is exposing them to cutting-edge opportunities that prepare them for the demands of tomorrow’s workforce. Our collaboration with Microsoft exemplifies this dedication, as we leverage AI to enhance learning outcomes and empower our students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

“By joining forces with Microsoft, Monash College is opening doors to endless possibilities. Through this innovative AI collaboration, we’re reimagining education, driving innovation, and equipping our students with the skills they need to excel in the digital age.”

A feature of the partnership, and a global first, will require all Future Skills students to complete a Microsoft ‘Responsible AI’ learning path, ensuring students are grounded in the principles of fairness, equity, and responsibility in developing and using AI applications.

Microsoft subject matter experts will work alongside the Future Skills academic team to carefully consider how best to expose students to relevant AI concepts and applications in the context of their studies. Students will benefit from greater confidence when contemplating or using AI applications which will directly benefit employers, particularly within the small and medium business sector.

To launch the partnership Sarah Carney, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, delivered a keynote with a panel of employers that explored the impact of AI in the tech, healthcare, and energy sectors.

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“Future Skills Monash College and Microsoft are committed to setting new benchmarks in education and training. The partnership represents a unique meeting of industry thought leaders and trainers, aimed at providing unparalleled upskilling and reskilling opportunities. It’s an important step towards empowering employers and professionals not only in Victoria but across Australia.”