Pacific World School’s ‘Leading the Change, Living the Change’ Workshop

Pacific World School’s ‘Leading the Change, Living the Change’ Workshop

Pacific World School's

Pacific World School hosted an enriching workshop for the students of grades IX-XII titled “Leading the Change, Living the Change”. The workshop aimed at fostering a culture of embracing change for personal and societal growth. Esteemed guests Ms. Meaghen Blight, President of Wesleyan College, and Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Founder & CEO of High School Moms & GIDE.AI, graced the event with their presence.

Ms. Blight, drawing from her extensive experience in higher education, set an engaging tone for the workshop, while Mr. Gupta’s journey as a career counselor provided valuable inspiration for the students. Principal Ms. Pooja Bose warmly welcomed attendees, addressing topics such as gender bias and equality, underscoring the school’s commitment to inclusivity.

The workshop featured insightful sessions led by Ms. Blight on essential leadership skills and Mr. Gupta on futuristic career paths and education. Students appreciated Mr. Gupta’s guidance, resonating with his perspectives as a career coach. The distinguished guests were honored with art pieces crafted by talented students as tokens of appreciation.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Ms. Bose expressed gratitude to the guests for sharing their wisdom and inspiration, emphasizing Pacific World School’s commitment to nurturing resilient leaders guided by integrity and compassion. She expressed anticipation for future workshops aimed at inspiring and empowering students.