Parents and The Third Eye School Join Hands to Bring Hope in Special Education

Parents and The Third Eye School Join Hands to Bring Hope in Special Education

 Third Eye School

New Delhi,18th December 2023- Third Eye -Autism center and functional school for autism is taking strides to support parents in effectively nurturing their children with autism. As a recognized non-profit organization by the government of Tamil Nadu, the school is committed to empowering special children through targeted development, providing individualized attention, and specialized instruction for neurodiverse learners.

The school, located in Coimbatore, was created to meet the real need for special children to be appreciated for their talents and get the right kind of development. Ms. Saranya and her team lead the school, aiming to uncover each child’s inner strengths that might not be seen in traditional education.

Ms Saranya Rengaraj, Founder, Third Eye Autism Centre said “At The Third Eye School, we’re dedicated to empowering special children through personalized attention and targeted development. Our aim is to recognize each child’s unique talents often overlooked in traditional education. We work hand-in-hand with parents, inviting them to witness the impactful programs every quarter. Together, we ensure children meet their goals and maintain skills over time.”

The school works closely with parents to make a big impact on their child’s life. Every three months, parents are invited to join a session and see the program in action, witnessing their child’s progress. Ongoing parent education helps children achieve their goals, encourages applying skills in different situations, and helps maintain progress over time.

The Third Eye School stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of special education. Through its innovative approach, dedicated team, and collaboration with parents, the school is making a significant impact on the lives of special children in Coimbatore. As they continue to unveil hidden talents and strengths, The Third Eye School is shaping a brighter future for neurodiverse learners and their families.